How do we fight terrorism abroad?
At the same time that we are working to secure and defend the American homeland, the United States must also be aggressively waging the war on terrorism abroad. The United States is safer if terrorists never reach our borders and the whole world is safer if they never turn to terrorism at all. Understanding these facts, the United States has developed a two-pronged approach to winning the war on terrorism overseas. First, we must identify and neutralize those individuals who represent threats to American interests. Naturally, some of these people are actual terrorists, with the intention of traveling to the United States or our foreign installations and causing death and destruction. Others are terrorist supporters, including governments, financiers, religious leaders, and instructors, all of whom are essential to the continued implementation and success of terrorism. Their work is as deadly as that of their operational allies and must be stopped if we hope to prevent further attacks.

At the same time that the United States is fighting terrorism where it already exists, it also has developed and implemented a multidimensional approach to preventing the spread of radicalism and the education of new terrorists. Certain conditions generally accompany the decision of an individual to turn to terrorism, including socioeconomic status, integration into the community, level and type of education, and exposure to foreign cultures. While these are not foolproof predictors of potential radical sympathies, they so frequently accompany a susceptibility to radicalization and a willingness to use violence that their association is generally accepted by most analysts. If the United States can reduce the pervasiveness and potency of these factors, it may also be able to control the spread of terrorism worldwide.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014
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The Muslim Brotherhood is the best Obama can do.

Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…


State Dept. higher-ups close to then-Secretary Clinton worked over a weekend to scrub boxes of documents of anything that might make her look bad, before giving them to investigators...

We must understand that destroying Islamo-fascism is a long term endeavor just as we destroyed Nazism, Japanese imperialism, or communism...

The growth of ISIS has been alarming, with well-armed militants spreading across Iraq and into Syria, sustaining themselves with funding from captured financial institutions, oil fields, and sympathetic radical Muslims...

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The American Declaration of Independence is an intellectual and moral challenge to excessive collectivization, an eternal declaration of war “against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

Barack Obama cannot successfully lead the war on terror because he is not a leader. He is a politician.

As you tuck your children into bed tonight, take a long hard look at them and consider what they may have to the years ahead. And think...about who it is that holds their lives in their unsteady hands.

While the intelligence committees in Congress, the FBI, and others had spoken behind closed doors with many of those who were on the ground that night in Benghazi...

The single biggest difference between conservatives and liberals is this: Liberals believe

On this thirteenth anniversary, have we forgotten the videos of mobs throughout the Middle East and around the world who cheered the news of those 9/11 attacks? Were they not Islamic?

Obama would rather have been anywhere else on Earth but at that podium unveiling a new counterterror strategy for dealing with the Islamic State ...

In a rare moment of clarity, Choudary finally admitted Islam’s goal is to establish a worldwide Muslim caliphate.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
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It is fine to discuss a philosophy of freedom. But discussing it also requires a good, hard look at the political realities that negate any chance of freedom in the near future.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

Optics must trump everything this election season, and the President is concerned about the health of his Democratic Party. So are the media.

Al-Jazeera (AJ) is a propaganda arm of the Al Thani family which rules the wealthy Kingdom of Qatar.

The President is fond of referring to “the international community” but that is essentially a meaningless phrase and has been for a very long time.

ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is not Islamic —Barack Obama, September 10, 2014

Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…

What is clear, however, no comfort should be taken from the President’s recent claim America is safer today than it was 20 to 30 years ago.

"Now let's make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic," he said. "No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL's victims have been Muslim."

A hundred years ago the attacks of September 11 would have marked the beginning of a war, but in this century they only marked a day of pain and sorrow...

Obama’s belief that he can “manage” the Islamic State may collide with reality.

The real issue is whether Obama’s military campaign against the Islamic State will become another no-win war, in the same way that Obama and Holder have failed to deal with the anti-American espionage activities of Snowden and Greenwald...

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

The deteriorating situation facing millions of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East was focused of a bipartisan and ecumenical conference which started yesterday in Washington DC.

“If September 11, 2001, was a wake-up call, clearly America has fallen back to sleep.” Stephen Flynn

9/11 Tribute from the eyes of a believer.
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If we live as a divided nation, we will forever be at the mercy of demagogues like Obama and tribal armies like ISIS.

As the world falls apart, the commander-in-chief bounces from putting greens to fundraising galas.

Obama has always sought to reduce terrorism to a criminal violation as distinct from war. He has demanded that “Islam” be taken out of the equation completely.

Diana West Educates Megyn Kelly about Maajid Nawaz and Quilliam, Shariah and Jihad...and being better informed about all...

Civic virtue is lost when ‘other people’s kids’ do all the fighting


The Kurds, like the Jews, unreservedly deserve their existing homelands, for both trace their ancestry in them back thousands of years.

Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…

Is Obama repeating the mistake of Britain’s liberal Prime Minister Anthony Asquith in dealing with jihadists a century ago?


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