How do we fight terrorism abroad?
At the same time that we are working to secure and defend the American homeland, the United States must also be aggressively waging the war on terrorism abroad. The United States is safer if terrorists never reach our borders and the whole world is safer if they never turn to terrorism at all. Understanding these facts, the United States has developed a two-pronged approach to winning the war on terrorism overseas. First, we must identify and neutralize those individuals who represent threats to American interests. Naturally, some of these people are actual terrorists, with the intention of traveling to the United States or our foreign installations and causing death and destruction. Others are terrorist supporters, including governments, financiers, religious leaders, and instructors, all of whom are essential to the continued implementation and success of terrorism. Their work is as deadly as that of their operational allies and must be stopped if we hope to prevent further attacks.

At the same time that the United States is fighting terrorism where it already exists, it also has developed and implemented a multidimensional approach to preventing the spread of radicalism and the education of new terrorists. Certain conditions generally accompany the decision of an individual to turn to terrorism, including socioeconomic status, integration into the community, level and type of education, and exposure to foreign cultures. While these are not foolproof predictors of potential radical sympathies, they so frequently accompany a susceptibility to radicalization and a willingness to use violence that their association is generally accepted by most analysts. If the United States can reduce the pervasiveness and potency of these factors, it may also be able to control the spread of terrorism worldwide.

AUGUST 24, 2016

In several cases, the authors misrepresented what was reported by the media, claiming as hates crimes cases that were never investigated as hate crimes.

ISIS settles the debate—but will Western leaders still disseminate lies?

The U.S. Constitution allows barring would-be immigrants who would subvert our Constitution.

There was a time only a couple of years ago when President Obama called Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan his closest friend on the world stage.

AUGUST 23, 2016

Not “kosher” by judo etiquette standards, Darwish should have been stripped of his title. However, he returned home hailed as a “national hero.”

Putin’s actions in the Middle East designed to promote Russian nationalism

While President Obama tries to convince the American people that everything is fine in regards to the U.S. position in the world and the security of the nation; foreign adversaries are celebrating what they see as the country's decline.

AUGUST 22, 2016

Why, as a woman who escaped Sharia, it shatters my heart to see what the American media is celebrating.

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Shahini will also face a blasphemy charge for ‘insulting the revered’ on a Facebook page.

Let’s support moderate Muslims. But that means figuring out which ones are the real deal.

The State Department’s spokesman finally confirmed the obvious: Team Obama did pay ransom.

The former Israeli Air Force Intelligence chief thus introduced a sobering Foundation for the Defense of the Democracies report a decade after Israel’s last clash with the Lebanese terrorist organization.

AUGUST 21, 2016

First, Italian intelligence, especially domestic intelligence, is a lot better than you might imagine.

Almost two millennia ago, Roman Emperor Nero watched Rome burn. While legend has it, as fires raged, he gleefully played the fiddle, historians believe the claim bogus. What is not bogus, however, is ...

AUGUST 19, 2016

Despite Obama administration stonewalling of media inquiries about its outrageous – and, I believe, illegal – transfer to Iran of $400 million in an unmarked cargo plane, the WSJ has confirmed that the payment was, in fact, a ransom payment for the release of American hostages.

It makes no sense to allow an enemy to have a full and unencumbered "Pearl Harbor" like first shot where even after a nuclear or WMD attack is confirmed, the US does nothing with its ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) force.

For the first time since your installation as president, Copts in the United States protested the persecution of Copts in Egypt.

Over the last few months, a lot of new information has come out on how the Obama White House misled the American public, Congress and the news media about the nuclear deal with Iran before Congress voted on the agreement last September.

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AUGUST 18, 2016

On Wednesday, a five-year-boy became the face of the worsening humanitarian disaster, as he was videotaped climbing into an ambulance in Aleppo, his face bloodied.

Hamas is expected to win control over a significant number, perhaps even a majority of municipal and local governments in Judea and Samaria.

But a most damning piece of evidence discovered, clearly revealing an effort was made to engage Russian assistance to impact the presidential election, has been totally ignored!

From the media, you typically get the impression that Muslims are being persecuted by non-Muslims a lot more than vice versa.

What is it that we feel about such an event, whether a violent terrorist act, a fanatical demonstration of cruelty and barbarism, or some grotesque explosion in a place we never heard of?

What is the difference between a terrorist who poses a "threat" and a terrorist who poses a "significant threat?"

AUGUST 17, 2016

The improved MAGID II is easier for Marines to use and harder for enemy combatants to locate.

What were the chances that, of the 554 members of the U.S. team, the one Muslim athlete on the team would end up marching in the front row? Was it an accident… pure chance? Or was she purposely placed in the front row ...

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Describing the plight of various minorities facing the genocidal onslaught of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, he and his fellow conference speakers indicated why only power decentralization could stabilize this long troubled region.

Traffickers can recruit from prisoners Obama is granting early release

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009, the federal government’s debt held by the public was $6,307,310,739,681.66. Since then, it has increased by $7,705,599,169,854.87—or 122 percent.


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