How do we fight terrorism at home?
Unlike America's past wars, the war on terrorism transcends traditional political boundaries. It is impossible to say that since we are fighting in the  Middle East, we are safe at home. We have to reorient our perspectives on longstanding ideas of offense and defense, as we must practice both on a domestic and a global scale. At home, it is essential to secure buildings, borders, and other assets that are likely terrorist targets. At the same time, we must be proactive, seeking out those who would cause us harm and preventing them before they can be successful. This is a complex challenge that demands a complex response. The government alone cannot fulfill the dual demands of homeland security. The American people must assume some responsibility for their own safety and contribute their individual and collective strengths to the government's effort. Working together, we stand a much better chance of keeping our families and communities safe.

Federal, state, and local level action plans . . .
The United States has always been a nation of immigrants. The entrepreneurial courage of someone who would leave the country and culture they had always known to take their chances in a new world has greatly shaped the American experience. Our population has grown immensely since our founding, but we still welcome newcomers to our shores. Our commitment to an equal opportunity and equal treatment for all, with no consideration for ethnic background and place of birth, remains strong.

Of course, there are other people, those who would do us harm, who are not so welcome in the United States. Technological developments exercised alongside our own precious freedoms provide a lone actor with malevolent intent the tools required to cause immense devastation to the American homeland. Our law enforcement capabilities are poised to detect and prevent such an act before it could occur, but our resources are necessarily limited. It is much easier and safer to stop such individuals before they even enter our country. Preventing individuals with threatening backgrounds or a blatant disregard for our laws from entering the United States is an important step in preventing further attacks. Equally important is having an accurate record of who is here, for what reasons, and for how long, to assist in law enforcement investigations. This is not a question of keeping out those who are different or reserving the wealth of the United States only for those who are native citizens. A balance must be struck that respects the role of immigrants in our national culture and gives an opportunity at the American dream to as many people as possible, while preventing the entry or continued residence of those who would do us harm or disrupt our system of government.

FEBRUARY 7, 2016

Islamic supremacists are desperate to silence effective opposition to their efforts to subvert us.

Obama's recent visit a radical mosque with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is a slap in the face to all Americans whose lives have been altered due to Islamic warfare.

FEBRUARY 6, 2016

To maintain control, both Democrats and Republicans have fostered a culture of dependency.     

If you were a terrorist, either from ISIS or al-Qaeda, or one of their affiliates, wouldn’t you love to go after this White Whale of American culture?

FEBRUARY 5, 2016

If terrorism was involved, the obvious primary suspect is Al Shabaab, although the Somali terrorist organization does not have track record of utilizing on board explosives.

FEBRUARY 4, 2016

The phrase encapsulates the common notion that Islam “shares” the same humanistic values as Christianity and Judaism.

No nuclear or any other kind of attack could destroy the entire country “all at once” except a Super-EMP with the core component being hydrogen.

We have no quarrel with Muslims whose faith practice is not shariah-adherent.

This was a hostile act by Iran and it is shameful that NO ONE is talking about this and showing any concern.

President Obama visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) today, his first visit to a mosque during his 7-year tenure.

According to the Blumenthal-to-Clinton email, if classified information was discussed by Cantor, his staff, or anyone “inside or outside the bureau,” it “is a felony” in violation of the Espionage Act.

The burden is on employers. It’s assumed they’re discriminating, in other words, and they have to prove they’re not.

FEBRUARY 3, 2016

The New York Times continues to misrepresent the Iran deal as a signed document with the potential to motivate moderate Iranians to reform their totalitarian regime.

Brave Egyptians resisting the system and exposing ideological underpinnings will eventually erode Islam’s backward concepts and entwinement with the state.

FEBRUARY 2, 2016

Sergeant Schultz at your service! Deaf to your screams, blind to your suffering, and mute on policy!

North Korea is reportedly preparing to launch a satellite with the potential of detonating a nuclear weapon a hundred miles or so over the United States — possibly soon to be followed by its strategic ally, Iran.

House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell are meeting with President Obama at the White House today.

Aerospace giant Boeing lobbied hard for the nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on Iran, but the Iranian regime announced on Thursday that it would spend billions to buy aircraft from …

Nobakht’s claim contradicts assurances by John Kerry that the actual benefit to Iran resulting from the nuclear deal would amount to some $55 billion.

It’s ironic that some of the illegal immigrant minors that the Obama administration claims to have rescued from “persistent violence in Central America” have been placed in abusive homes by the U.S. government.

An “unprecedented escalation of violence against Christians…the most violent and sustained attack on Christian faith in modern history” occurred in 2015…

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Our other “good friend and ally,” Qatar, also officially documents its hate for every non-Muslim—or practically 100% of America’s population.

As for the UN, both Obama and Kerry – along with their advisers – have repeatedly threatened to allow anti-Israel resolutions to be passed in the Security Council.

While some New Yorkers had gone to help the victims of Islamic terrorists, the left had rushed to aid the terrorists.


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