OCTOBER 9, 2015

Court Asked to Allow Discovery, Impose Legal Hold on All Clinton Email Records

The Orthodox Christian Church in Russia has just described its government’s fight against the Islamic State and other jihadi groups in Syria as a “holy war.”

OCTOBER 8, 2015
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The Iran nuclear deal will come back to haunt us. When it does, surviving pro-Iran deal congressional members who supported it will undoubtedly look to blame others.

The Navy provides the most survivable leg of this triad with ballistic missile submarines armed with the Trident II D-5 weapons system.

Then there are the times when the thief indeed comes at night to steal away that which defines our Judeo-Christian faith heritage.

OCTOBER 7, 2015

The career of a warrior is now at risk because he did the right thing.

“Gun Free Zones” are in reality deathtraps that attract mentally unstable people to commit mass shootings.

...of 213,000 “refugees” that arrived in the April-June timeframe, only one-in-five were fleeing the violence in Syria as Eurostat, the European Union’s official statistical agency, determined.

Another massive rally against the Muslim invasion of Europe. The anti-islamization movement is growing every day.

The Obama administration seems delusional about the threats we face and clueless about how to counter them.

OCTOBER 6, 2015

Trump said he has no obligation to defend Obama, and he’s right.

President Obama’s notorious ambitions to “fundamentally transform” America don’t stop there. It seems he is determined to...

As a reporter, you really ought to check the authoritative Islamic sources yourself, even if just for "balance."

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tip O’Neill, once said “all politics is local.”;

The liberal media and the Democrats have had a field day. This, they say, provides absolute confirmation that the whole Benghazi investigation has been a partisan effort, a “witch hunt."

OCTOBER 5, 2015

Yes Putin is calling us out. He has announced his role as global statesman, sheriff, and arbiter.

"This is something we should politicize." - Barack Obama, remarking on the Umpqua Community College shootings

In its latest effort to protect Muslim rights in the United States the Obama Justice Department is suing an Illinois town for denying a rezoning application to convert an office building into an Islamic temple.

OCTOBER 4, 2015

Allegations that Mrs. Clinton, as Secretary of State, leaked classified data to one of her news media sycophants was ignored, while others who have done far less are sitting in jail cells.

OCTOBER 3, 2015

Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is the worst deal possible because Iran probably already has the bomb.