AUGUST 21, 2014

Sadly, U.S. national security is taking a back seat to political correctness. We try to rationalize, while extremists may embrace such violence, the vast majority of Muslims are moderates who do not.

Candidate Hillary Clinton hides her real views about foreign policy because voters won't like them.

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Minutes after making his public statement about the beheading of American journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS, Obama went directly to the golf course ...

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AUGUST 20, 2014

Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuffed with ideological fairy dust can see that Obama is behind every major scandal of his administration from Benghazi to the I.R.S. disgrace.

Humanity would not have been possible without the extinction of dinosaurs et al. some 66 million years ago due to a large meteor impacting earth. The lesson is that some destructions clear the way for a more enlightened future.

Senior White House officials are in talks with business leaders that could expand the executive actions President Barack Obama takes on immigration.

Obama and EPA are determined to destroy U.S. coal, people’s lives and welfare be damned

In our president's take on the world, if there is a winner who winds up better off there must be a loser who winds up equally worse off.

AUGUST 19, 2014
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The Rick Perry indictment shows that anything goes.

Virtually every deportation caravan and village massacre was accompanied by serial mass rape of the women. Young girls were abducted as sex slaves and children as household servants.

AUGUST 18, 2014

Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…

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As you’re out purchasing school supplies for your children just know, you’ll be the one paying for these almost 70,000 illegal alien children — and how many of them have gang associations?

Many people have been mis-informed regarding human to human transmission of Ebola.

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In short, today as ever, our bipartisan foreign policy establishment refuses to pay attention to why various sets of foreigners fight.

As if anyone needed proof of the Obama Administration's antipathy to Israel, here it was in black and white.

What can account for the vitriolic opposition to Israel in its struggle for survival? Is it "freedom of speech," or simply an insidious madness?

AUGUST 16, 2014

The Obama administration's foreign policy in the Middle East and parts of North Africa has been a series of disasters – at times spectacular disasters – almost since day one

AUGUST 15, 2014

Barack Obama clearly suffers from fedophilia, an abnormal or unnatural attraction to the federal government.

Obama last night while kids were being beheaded. Some Commander-in-Chief.

AUGUST 14, 2014

But on the matter of Obama disclaiming responsibility for his own pull-out of American forces, it is worth recalling some more history.

President Obama is golfing on Martha’s Vineyard and Congress is adjourned for a five week vacation. So who’s minding the nation’s capitol? No one.

"...But he appeared determined not to allow events in Egypt to interrupt a day that, besides golf, included cocktails at the home of a major political donor, Brian Roberts.”

Obama strangles the U.S. economy in fresh red tape to fight imaginary “global warming.”

“Border Patrol sources repeatedly warn that we do not know who is coming across our southern borders, all the countries of origin, what diseases they may carry, or where they go after being released with a summons to appear months later in court.”


'They've noticed': CNN finally wakes up to President Putt-Putt reality [photo]

August 21, 2014  11:34 AM

"Obama's optics landed right in the water."

Sad, enraging summation: How 'appalled' by Foley beheading was Obama? THIS appalled

August 21, 2014  11:22 AM

THIS is "appalling."

'What's he going to do?' Eric Holder opens DOJ 'investigation' into Foley beheading

August 21, 2014  11:13 AM

If you were ISIS, would you be scared right now?

Semiautomatic doofus: CNN's Don Lemon shoots his mouth off, beclowns self [video]

August 21, 2014  10:36 AM

"In all due respect, you don't know what you're talking about."

'Yow!' You're about to see why this 'blistering' Daily News Obama cover may be the best ever [photo]

August 21, 2014  08:45 AM

"Should be every paper's headline!"