JANUARY 20, 2017

After President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office and Hillary Clinton supporters finally accept it, an important question will confront a divided America: Can a once-great nation recover the greatness it has surrendered?

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JANUARY 19, 2017

The hearing turned into a vibrant debate among the senators about the merits of education choice, what the federal government can and should do to advance choice, the state of student loans and grants, and the efficacy of preschool.

This obsolete vestige of the New Deal should be dissolved

Rumblings have come from the Trump transition team about reorganizing the intelligence community or parts thereof. That's not a bad idea at all.

According to Wikileaks, on May 19, 2015, Kadzik sent Podesta an email appearing to tip off Clintons’ campaign about the Justice Department’s review of Clinton’s emails:

Little noted in the media firestorm surrounding the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, commanding Israel to stop all settlement activity, is the potentially deadly ramifications for Israel's struggling middle class.

Standard villains pursue material values. Soros pursues the non-material value of nothingness, of desolation, of the skeleton of a civilization he never contributed to, and is dedicated to destroying.

U.S. taxpayers' money far too often is placed against American values and interests, whenever the United States gives it to the U.N.

ISIS has released a new propaganda video featuring U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump in what appears to be the first time in the group’s ‘official’ propaganda videos.

JANUARY 18, 2017

About 5,000 service members participated in the 58th presidential inauguration dress rehearsal Sunday morning.

While Obama embraced a non-confrontational policy with Tehran for eight years that only encouraged greater Iranian aggression, he also negotiated a nuclear deal—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action —paving the way for the mullahs to acquire a nuclear arsenal.

The degree to which Obama has wielded executive power in favor of America’s enemies and against his own political opponents and scapegoats is breathtaking.

Judicial Watch Asks for Depositions from Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and Eight Other State Department Officials

It is not exactly news that President Obama has engaged in repeated national security fraud.

In a massive slap in the face to both the defense and intelligence communities, outgoing President Barack Obama commuted the sentence for Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning,

JANUARY 17, 2017

Even assuming Russian involvement – and absent supporting evidence – the ghost of actor Orson Welles appears to be haunting us, subjecting Hillary Clinton diehards to mass hysteria.

Since the election, I am glad to see he has recognized that, as an outsider to Washington, he needs cabinet members (with the inexplicable exception of the secretary of state) who know the ropes.

There have been so many reports lately of the implementation of “trigger warnings,” especially in universities, that one might well ask oneself: Why bother putting police scene-of-crime tape around a particular animus? Why not declare everything off limits, reality in fact.

'May not be an accident that this action is being addressed on the last full day of the administration'

What has Trump accomplished as President-Elect? The below list only includes the highlights of a truly remarkable (and exciting) transition period.

A Special Report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism

Again, the left’s vile behavior is not objectively funny. But as PE Trump systematically swats away these irritants like so many pesky gnats, I have to admit that I’m loving every minute!

“The children, none older than 4, watched jihadist propaganda videos and rehearsed a game called ‘suicide bomber’ where they ripped open sacks of sand strapped to their torsos.”

President Barack Obama promised that his would be the most transparent administration in US history. And the truth is, it was. At least in relation to his policies toward the Muslim world...

JANUARY 16, 2017

As the flames of rhetoric against Putin and Russia soar throughout the US and the West, it helps to look back over the years since the collapse of our 70 year old enemy – the Soviet Union!

With Senator James Inhofe, Caroline Glick, Rep. Scott Perry and Ingrid Carlqvist

Palestinian and Arab leaders have forecast an “explosion” on anger should Trump go ahead with the move (moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem), a warning echoed this month by Secretary Kerry.

In other words, Mrs. Clinton and Obama are at least partially responsible for the current Middle East chaos, the death of four brave Americans at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi, and Islamic State-inspired homegrown terrorism.

The world Obama asserts is safer today because of his leadership and his agreement with Iran has only left President Donald Trump with a ticking nuclear time bomb with which he will be left to deal.

If the thugs in ISIS were not so busy decapitating people, we might have been paying more attention to a longer-term hostile force, Russia.

JANUARY 15, 2017

So how about some concern about Sharia law which enslaves women, forcing them to abjure all those fancy duds advertised in Vogue, and cower behind niqabs, burkas, and hijabs? In “moderate” Moslem nations they could be stoned to death for posing in the suggestive underwear ads that dot the glossy pages of Vogue.

Judicial Watch’s sources say the barrage outside what’s soon to be the new U.S. Consulate is connected to a broad operation between Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug cartels to send President-elect Donald Trump a message...

SecDef nod calls for 'battles of annihilation” with “no survivors” against terror group, while beating drums of all-out war with Iran.

JANUARY 13, 2017

Americans can take some solace in the fact that there is an effective way to fight discrimination. Just check out how Israel is managing to integrate a large, once overwhelmingly hostile minority: the Arabs.


Vladimir Putin’s aggressive action in eastern Ukraine, Syria and his openly provocative statements about the Baltic states and the use of nuclear weapons offer revealing insights into Russian aims.


GET A GRIP! Clinton supporter files emergency motion to stop Trump from being sworn in

January 20, 2017  11:48 AM

Seriously people? C’mon. Repeat after us … Hillary lost. Fair and square. Time to move on. Clinton Supporter Files Emergency Motion to Prevent Justice Roberts from Swearing in Trump https://t.co/qaTeKQevV5 via @law_newz pic.twitter.com/ubIW4KReNM — Mediaite (@Mediaite) January 20, 2017 Per Law Newz: A Clinton voter, Frederic Shultz, from San Diego, California, filed an emergency motion […]

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UNHINGED: Protesters reportedly damage property ahead of #InaugurationDay, 'explosions heard' [video]

January 20, 2017  11:33 AM

Because nothing says patriotism like trashing a bus stop. UPDATE: Black-clad activists smash shop windows, car windows during Trump #inauguration protest. More here: https://t.co/r4vq81brfL — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) January 20, 2017 Activists shout 'Shame' as they protest ahead of Donald Trump's #Inauguration https://t.co/ULZcHQUURT pic.twitter.com/zyvRM3f3ih — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) January 20, 2017 People literally trying […]

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THAT was awkward! Bill and Hillary Clinton arrive for inauguration of Donald Trump

January 20, 2017  11:18 AM

Hillary looks like she'd rather be back in New York walking in the woods.

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'She doesn't look happy'; Debbie Wasserman Schultz arrives at Trump inauguration, try not to laugh [photo]

January 20, 2017  11:06 AM

Oh look, it’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Hey, Trump and the GOP says thanks, Debbie. Debbie Wasserman Schultz realizing she did this… #InaugurationDay pic.twitter.com/9NC40ntAUq — D. D. Walker (@desmondalan) January 20, 2017 Schultz is trending currently on Twitter and WOW, that feed is brutal. Usually it’s just a bunch of GOP giving her a hard time […]

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'Fake news' alert! Nancy Sinatra accuses CNN of lying about her opinion of Trump inaugural song

January 20, 2017  10:46 AM

CNN's been accused of peddling "fake news" a lot lately.

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