AUGUST 10, 2017

I was taken aback by the anchor’s last question. Shouldn’t Europeans be doing a better job of integrating immigrants? I wished she’d asked it at the start.

It’s quite an old story here in Washington. Every administration has had its leakers and every president in my lifetime has demanded the leakers be identified so they could be punished. But punishment has been rare. Why?

A popular slogan used by candidate Trump was “America First.” ... Brilliantly, Phares added a proposition that changed the impact of the slogan on concerned ears ... the foreign policy advisor told media and diplomats that “America First does not mean America Alone.”

The secretary issued a statement in response to news that Pyongyang had successfully developed nuclear warheads small enough to put on the head of a ballistic missile that could reach the U.S.

AUGUST 9, 2017

Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened the US for eight years presenting his crippling diversity policies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy, the Leftist Party with its “resistance” movement, is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

McMaster ... is deeply hostile to Israel and to Trump. According to senior officials...he constantly refers to Israel as the occupying power and insists falsely and constantly that a country named Palestine existed where Israel is located until 1948 when it was destroyed by the Jews.

North Korea on Tuesday threatened to target “areas around Guam” with ballistic missiles, in response to the deployment of Guam-based supersonic U.S. Air Force bombers for combined exercises with South Korean warplanes.

These new sanctions could weaken the Kim regime, but they will not bring it down; China and Russia would not have voted for them it that was the probable outcome. They are meant as leverage.

One of the most integral facets of the murderous nature of Islam is its racism.

AUGUST 8, 2017

It’s a long way from here to there, but don’t be surprised if that’s where we’re headed.

The drama is playing out in a federal court where Democratic voters and donors are also accusing their party and Wasserman Schultz of breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, unjust enrichment, and negligent misrepresentation for secretly helping Clinton get the presidential nomination over Bernie Sanders.

Trump loyalists are losing their jobs at the National Security Council and being replaced by those who have no allegiance whatsoever to our President’s campaign promises.

AUGUST 7, 2017

As the United States proceeds with an important nuclear posture review, a key requirement of our future nuclear deterrent must be kept front and center in any analysis.

Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened the U.S. by bullying America for eight years into accepting his crippling politically correct policies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy... is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

The intelligence community essentially admits to grossly underestimating North Korea’s ICBM threat, based on Pyongyang’s first successful ICBM flight-test on July 4.

With each passing day, both Houses of the—virtually--completely corrupt Congress are scheming to take Trump out.

In Panjgur, Balochistan, there are three mosques and madrasas that produce Jihadis for Pakistan’s proxy wars.

AUGUST 4, 2017

Gaffney said a successful Trump foreign policy “requires the support of his own government.”

Muhammad – the warlord founder of the “religion of peace” – wherever he is spending eternity, must be shaking his head in disbelief after several less-than-stellar jihadi performances have been recorded.

“Can you imagine being president of the United States and having a conversation with a foreign leader and that conversation being divulged to the media?” said Graham. “It’s just not fair to President Trump.”

Socialism with its complete government control is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the socialist countries, internationalize the police force, and impose enforced one-world government.

Pentagon investigators discover fatal flaws in vetting process

Australia's arrest of four men suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on a commercial airliner signals more than a resurgent terror threat to airplanes.

AUGUST 3, 2017

The donation matches that of the Hungarian government, which recently provided $2 million to save the predominately Christian town of Teleskov.

JuD, which the United Nations say is a front for banned militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)... According to South Asia expert Arif Jamal, JuD is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda or the Islamic State because...

AUGUST 2, 2017

he Justice Department heavily redacted the documents under Exemption b (5), which allows agencies to withhold draft or deliberative process material. The blacked-out material centers around talking points drafted and used by Justice to respond to press inquiries about the Lynch-Clinton meeting.

This is a welcome development, despite the Left’s quick move to demagogue the issue by claiming that this is somehow a white identity politics defense mechanism from the Trump administration.

North Korea will have a reliable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear warhead against the U.S. mainland as early as next year, according to the most recent intelligence estimate, provided to Congress on Wednesday, July 26.

For the past two weeks in Cairo, a resistance movement has been gaining momentum against a recent transgression by Al-Azhar Institute to insert newly constructed taxpayer-funded “fatwa” (edict) kiosks into every subway stop in the city.

Thousands of Muslims prostrate themselves outside the gates, defiantly refusing to pass through the metal detectors

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'Slam dunk'! Charles Barkley brings 'voice of reason' to monument debate (brace for backlash)

August 18, 2017  09:50 AM

"Every word of this is the God's honest truth."

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'Full net censorship is HERE': Google moves to de-platform Gab for being a 'hate site'

August 18, 2017  09:18 AM

Google has removed the Gab app from Google Play because they claim it violates their speech policy: Breaking news: Google has removed Gab's Android app from the Google Play Store for "hate speech." pic.twitter.com/jPqeEx1ID1 — Gab (@getongab) August 17, 2017 Is anyone surprised the company that fired a man for pointing out that men and […]

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D'OH! Andrew Cuomo claims NY removing statues proves they're against racism, gets NUT-punched by history

August 18, 2017  08:53 AM

Because you know, removing statues will TOTALLY END RACISM as we know it. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson will be removed from the CUNY hall of great Americans because New York stands against racism. — Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) August 17, 2017 Gov. Andrew Cuomo might want to take a look at the history of […]

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Could it be … SATAN? Chelsea Clinton compares monuments to the DEVIL, gets laughed off Twitter

August 18, 2017  08:24 AM

Maybe Chelsea Clinton should stick to making spinach pancakes … these moments of ‘clarity’ never go very well for her. The story of Lucifer-who rebelled against God-is part of many Christians' traditions. I've never been in a church with a Lucifer statue. — Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) August 18, 2017 Psst, Chelsea. Most people (even those […]

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Missouri Dem who hoped for Trump's assassination won't resign, wants 'respect'

August 17, 2017  11:31 PM

It's getting so you can't call for somebody else's assassination without damaging your "respect" cred.

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