MAY 10, 2014

Pence’s attempt to mollify critics by rebranding and repackaging shoddy Common Core standards is fooling no one.

Joy Brighton has provided a handy guide for anyone who is confused by Islam and Sharia Law, and which explains how it is making inroads in the U.S. and the West, and why it threatens to sabotage our freedoms.

Obama said he wakes up thinking of the Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamist extremists and facing a life as sex slaves, and wishes he "could reach out and save those kids."

I get up close and personal with CAIR et al. in this story on their press conference condemning Boko Haram's kidnapping of Nigerian girls. I take a critical eye to their statements.

Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…

APRIL 16, 2013

I, too, want to know why the top political figures–the president and the secretaries of state and defense (Obama, Hillary and Panetta)–were so clearly disinclined to take action.


Al Jazeera is the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood and the various terrorist groups it has spawned, including al Qaeda and Hamas.

Two events happened on Wednesday which should send a shiver down the spine of everyone concerned about the future of the American Jewish community

There is no such thing as an excess of caution when it comes to anticipating and preparing to deter or defeat the existential threat represented by nuclear weapons.

I’m not sure you can appreciate the magnitude of Margaret Thatcher’s achievement without some knowledge of the calamity that immediately preceded it.

The three-fourths of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians in the developing world face hostility from various quarters.

“That fetus, or child — however way you want to describe it,” Mr. Obama once stammered.

MARCH 13, 2013

Authorities confiscated a street vendor’s vegetable cart; in desperate protest the owner self immolated. Sparks from his fire spread from Tunisia to Algeria to Egypt. Dictators were deposed. Islamists seize control. The world is silent.

Accordingly, Idriz argues that regressive behaviors often associated with Islam such as the oppression of women derive from particular cultural conditions, not from Islam.

It would appear that the United States has embraced an effete, European model of development just as the Grim Reaper has forced cross-Atlantic colleagues into the bowels of total despair.

So long as the Obama administration continues to demonize its political opponents as potential domestic terrorists, as Paul says, the outlandishness of a domestic drone strike is further worn down, conditioned into weary complacency or even mob consensus.

Yet another symptom that Washington is broken, perhaps beyond repair, is that the federal government is now failing in its most basic function--"to provide for the common defense" of the American People.

“Today, American pets now outnumber American children by more than four to one.”

NOVEMBER 11, 2014

I called it a tour de force and placed it at the heart of terrorism studies by citing it as a critical contribution to the canon of texts. Why so?

The negotiations with Iran regarding a nuclear program it insists is only for peaceful use were supposed to be concluded in July...

One of Obamacare’s key architects has admitted that a “lack of transparency” helped the administration pass the disastrous healthcare law.

“Pure Mohammadan Islam”: This is what ISIS promises to deliver once the caliphate has defeated “Infidel” enemies and secured its position.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, the Bullock Texas History Museum will open its newest exhibition, "Fly Girls of WWII," on view through Feb. 1, 2015.

Defenders of Israel’s conduct of this summer’s war in Gaza got a significant boost when General Dempsey endorsed Israeli policies and procedures saying that Israel went to “extraordinary lengths” to prevent civilian casualties.

St. Martin was adopted as a saint to the military and his day falls on November 11th, the same day as Armistice Day and now Veterans Day. Is this a coincidence, or something more?

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Netanyahu literally looked sick after exiting his meeting with President Obama in September.

An example of how the WH manipulates the media: The sacking of Gen. McChrystal for making derogatory comments about Obama and Biden, while National Intelligence Dir. Clapper remains in his job after lying to Congress.

The rate of child poverty in 2009 was 11 percent in homes with married parents and 44.3 percent in homes headed by single mothers.

For many years, liberals have conjured up with all sorts of ideas on how to make the world a better place.

Given projected spending, the U.S. must achieve full employment and robust growth to pay our bills and bring down the debt.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

The development of a free Syria is the most viable option for the United States and Europe and the rest of the international community.

You are invited to attend an important conference aimed at making a breakthrough in the Benghazi case.

AUGUST 21, 2012

Jobs and the economy – these messages are being trumpeted as of utmost importance to our nation during this presidential campaign season, while An important centuries-old industry is again forced to play the waiting game.

A United Nations ability to restrict the access of American Internet users and bloggers would be in contravention of free speech rights, guaranteed in the First Amendment. What role will American elected officials play in an Internet power grab by the United Nations?

When concerns Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff’s Muslim Brotherhood connections were first raised by five conservative House members, there was great gnashing of teeth from both liberals and the Brotherhood’s growing squad of conservative cheerleaders.


When will Americans, ultimately responsible for the governance of the Republic, demand that tempers be quieted, the sea be calmed, and character and human respect befitting us be restored to the conduct of our public business?

Israel and America are convenient justifications for Muslims to kill other Muslims in the name of Allah. When Bin Laden wanted to overthrow the Saudis, he made war on them as the pawns of America.

The president’s words, “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” revealed his natural way of thinking. What is the origin of his collectivist belief?


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April 01, 2015  07:44 PM

LOTS of money being raised.

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April 01, 2015  07:15 PM

"What's worse? That @SenatorKirk is simply pandering to liberal voters or that he's stupid enough to believe this?"

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"Journalism professional."

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What's the current location of the red line? You make the call!

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Doggone desperate for excuses to write off the Wisconsin governor.

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