NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Why would you put Iran, the major state sponsor of terrorism, in a position to stabilize a region it has helped to destabilize? This is the question that many, including Democratic officials, are asking.

It is our freedom and our lives that are at stake. Civilians are targets and the population needs to prepare for this reality.

The penultimate issue facing Western governments is how deeply they can afford to get involved in African affairs and in chasing terrorists like the group responsible for the attack in Mali.

NOVEMBER 24, 2015

While the Islamist groups want to render us defenseless against jihad in America, the political left wants to make us vulnerable to government tyranny.

Over a century ago, another ship navigated into harms way when a captain refused to heed warnings he was given — opting instead to sail full speed ahead.

It is easy to become discouraged with bad news - especially during this week when we should be preparing to give thanks for the blessings of this great land we call home.

If ever there was an American Tradition that is, well as American as apple (or pumpkin) pie, it is Thanksgiving Day.

Kerry distorted the Charlie Hebdo episode as if it had involved only a reprisal over cartoons lampooning Islam.     

Barack Obama has spent the last seven years making good on his promise to “fundamentally transform” our nation.

Last year Obama was vowing to destroy ISIS. Now he had settled for containing them. And he couldn’t even manage that.

Time was, thoughts of Belgium led to thoughts of rich, dark chocolate, of Old Master painters and delicate, handmade lace.

Leadership … Americans wanted sober, serious and authoritative. What they got was prickly and tone deaf.

"Abbas is not interested either in peace or in Palestinian statehood."

NOVEMBER 23, 2015

Let’s be generous and say that President Obama is half-hearted in fighting the ongoing battle against ISIS and the wider War on Radical Islam.

Mr. Obama is desperate to admit Syrian refugees and has resorted on too many occasions to defending controversial foreign policy initiatives with claims that are at best questionable and in many cases outright false.

The homeopathic airstrikes, reluctantly ordered by Obama, have boosted ISIS’s narrative of Islamic victimhood without doing much real damage.

NOVEMBER 22, 2015

Before we're confronted with an AK-47 killer or suicide bomber, we must confront those who claim that our lives aren’t precious enough to defend.

With the despicable ISIS attacks in Paris, followed by the aerial bombing response by France against ISIS forces in Racca, Syria; we are seeing many on the Left double-down on a failed strategy of appeasement.

Barack Hussein Obama is succeeding in his fundamental transformation; that is, dismantling the United States as a capitalist republic, based on Judeo-Christian democratic principles.

Paris is different, but the president can’t seem to change.

NOVEMBER 20, 2015

Who should Americans see as worthier candidates for entering our country? Syrian Christians fleeing persecution — and possible beheading by the Islamic State — or smugglers moving drugs across our Mexican border?

At last, a Western leader is at war with radical Islam. Too bad it is not Obama.

It is doubtful the Paris attacks will curb Obama’s plan to ultimately resettle 100,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S., among whom an estimated 25,000 ISIS sympathizers will be hiding within Trojan horses.

Obama’s State Department insists terrorists will be weeded out by a single in-person interview. That’s a joke

NOVEMBER 19, 2015

The Frost protesters demanded that Martin condemn the “inherent racist nature of the unofficial mascot, the Lord Jeff,” memorialized in the school fight song ...

Compare these students with the heroic young Americans who charged a radical Muslim terrorist with a loaded AK-47 on a French train back in August.

Nothing sits in my craw worse than someone using woozy words and terms to discuss evil.

This morning, French military personnel and police engaged in firefights with heavily armed and suicide-bomb-wielding jihadists in a suburb of Paris called St. Denis.

There is no right to emigrate to the U.S. And the fact that one comes from a country or territory ravaged by war does not, by itself, make one an asylum candidate.

To believe in Islam, is to have faith that it will conquer the entire world.

NOVEMBER 18, 2015

The reliance on elections as the cure for what ails Syria is a fantasy reminiscent of what happened in Iraq.

Bottom Line Up Front: Political appointees run the nation’s bureaucracies.

In spite of the latest wave of ISIS attacks that spilled innocent blood on the streets of Paris, our president still considers it a “mistake” to send ground troops to defeat them, possibly preferring similar battles on American soil

Everything Obama has ever done in the White House, with the assistance of Democrats and Republicans alike, has fit into his agenda to fundamentally “transform” this country racially, economically, and politically.

Mohammad then fled the classroom and attacked another student before being shot and killed by a responding university police officer.


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