MARCH 15, 2017

Obama admin gave taxpayer money to Soros to spark leftist political revolution

What is happening to Israelis today will happen to every one of us tomorrow.

Despite her assertion that there's a 1st Amendment protection given the media to publish the tax returns of someone they deem worthy of scrutiny, Rachel Maddox is woefully ignorant.

The message of the book is no matter how hard one examines suicide bombing, “the suicide terrorist remains elusive. Many puzzle pieces are laid on the table: [long list]... But the picture is never complete. The suicide terrorist is so horrifying because he is inscrutable."

This type of irresponsible and fallacious media attack against the military is rearing its head in a way I haven't seen in a long time and must be countered with the truth.

"You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago," the statement read.

In Washington D.C., it is not about getting something done or doing the right thing, it is all about prevailing in bouts of political infighting.

While there are serious and gathering nuclear threats facing the United States and our allies, there is no need to panic, nor believe that doomsday is just around the corner.

I warned that Obama was planning to run the country from outside the White House. And that the “Obama Anonymous” network of staffers embedded in the government was the real threat. Since then Obama’s Kalorama mansion has become a shadow White House.

MARCH 14, 2017

Our political passions and partisanship overwhelm our ability to uncover the truth.

Does CBS think the American people are stupid? No wonder the people trust Trump’s tweets over fake news from the media.

If you had never heard of the differences between the US House and the US Senate in Washington, you are about to learn a lot about them in a very short time frame.

On March 8th, four Islamic State terrorists attacked a military hospital in Kabul killing over 30 people and wounding over 50. The attack lasted several hours and it was not until mid-afternoon that Afghan forces were able to begin clean-up operations.

MARCH 13, 2017

From Heraclitus to the present, historians and philosophers addressed the issue of change. Is change built into the nature of society or is it a mirage that reflects a different side of sameness?

The leaders of the Islamic Republic are frightened. They face an American national security team that knows a lot about them, and, unlike the Obama administration, strongly dislikes them.

What apparently escapes their attention is the clearly stated long term goal of Muslim migration: the complete domination of Islam over all the nations of the world.

France has given us a wakeup call. Their current state of affairs is the result of unchecked immigration coupled with the naiveté that tolerance and acceptance will be returned by the newcomers’ eagerness to become French.

The media continue to publish and broadcast stories about how Donald Trump won the election with the help of the Russians, calling this “collusion,” though no such evidence has surfaced.

Khizr Khan claims his ‘travel privileges are being reviewed.’

It’s only natural that a president will want his power wielded by his own appointees, whom he trusts to carry out his policy program.

For months it seems, each day has brought new revelations of actual or suspected cyber attacks.

MARCH 12, 2017

Thus, the U.S. should not press China too hard. It should not criticize Beijing on its suppression of democracy or abuse of human rights because it looks "to the Chinese like a form of containment meant to keep China weak."

During WWII, Hitler attempted to exterminate the Jews, by first transporting them to extermination camps, like Auschwitz, and then killing them with the use of poison gas. Britain still refused to allow more Jews into Palestine.

MARCH 10, 2017

According to the Voice of America: “President Donald Trump was not aware that his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had worked to further the interests of the government of Turkey before appointing him.”

First, other spy agencies – including Russia’s and China’s – can also tap our smart phones, televisions and the myriad “wired” devices meant to comprise the emerging, so-called “Internet of Things.”

America is now a crèche for two fascist groups whose slogans seem to be “Violence anytime, anywhere, to beat down Americans who disagree with us.” This is Obama’s true legacy, to grant Americans no sanctuary from the barbarism.

It is important to recognize what the evidence shows and does not show. It will show an alternative government at work: a team of anti-Trump players assembled under the auspices of President Obama, including senior officials from the Dept. of Justice, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, ...

Before I go into my rant, allow me to first note that there is no Jewish holiday that evokes such unbridled joy as Purim, one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Israel.

“How can an ancient, global religion be an enemy of a modern geopolitical construct?” she asked, as if Islamic doctrine merely defined a religion, not a “geopolitical construct” that has historically attacked other civilizations, particularly the West.

MARCH 9, 2017

The SPLC stands for the Southern Poverty Law Center: an organization with slightly less credibility than Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and without the academic degree in greasepaint.

President Trump’s reintroduction of the so-called “travel ban” — a watered-down version of an already milquetoast version of a well-known campaign pledge — has nevertheless provoked the only thing worse than widespread hysteria: widespread hysteria pretending to be surprised.

If you want to start a business, the World Bank says you’d be better off in Canada than setting up shop here in the U.S., where mind-numbing government regulations smother entrepreneurs. That was true, anyway, before Trump became president.

Given the frequent circumvention of their own sanctions U.S. might have to look for a way to deal with Pyongyang without China.

Lt. Col. James Zumwalt analyzes Trump NSA's recent remark about Muslims

“I think that President Obama’s behind it because his people are certainly behind it.” Once again, Trump has struck gold. It’s “gold” in the form of taxpayer money.

Israel’s problem with Hamas wasn’t its tactics for destroying Hamas’s attack tunnels. Israel faced two separate challenges in its war with Hamas that summer.

The heart of the book traces out and explicates what it was like for Jews in Europe with references to France and a bit to Germany who believed that they could assimilate into Western society leaving their Jewishness behind.

MARCH 8, 2017

James Fisher said he couldn't attend classes at the University of Pennsylvania because one his white professors refused to denounce his white privilege.

The anti-Semitic Hamas founding charter openly calls for the murder of Jews. And they have made steady headway in the territories controlled by its Fatah-led rival, the Palestinian Authority

That supposed FBI investigation of collusion with the Russians? Never mind . . .

Believe it or not, CNN has done something no other media have done. They actually found a connection between American Betrayal and Steve Bannon.

The absurdity is that while Europeans are enjoying a 35-hour work week, generous benefits and extended vacations, American workers have to put in 40 to 50 hours per week to support Europe’s defense.

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