Myths and Realities of Ryan and Medicare

by CHRISTOPHER ADAMO August 17, 2012

Predictably, oh so predictably, the entire liberal/Democrat cabal is responding with phony hysterics to Mitt Romney's selection of Representative Paul Ryan (R.-WI) as his choice for vice-president. Of course the reaction would have been the same no matter who Romney had picked. Certainly nobody on the right can match the stature, intellect, and statesmanship of the current Democrat VP, Joe Biden. But now that the Republican ticket has been solidified, the left will need to be more specific in its attacks in order to maximize their effectiveness.

In the case of Paul Ryan, the most prominent target is his desire to reform Medicare. Forget for the moment that the nation's economy is in shambles, or that under the burden of trillion plus annual deficits it is showing no signs of returning to its former vitality. What happens next year, or even next month, is of little consequence to this week's Democrat talking points. Winning in November, despite the devastation that Barack Obama's policies have wreaked on the country, necessitates the political annihilation of Ryan, particularly in the eyes of the senior citizens since they are among the largest voting blocks.

So, we are being warned in shrill terms that Ryan's presence on the Romney ticket will portend a complete abandonment of America's seniors who will be denied care and left in the streets to be consumed by their ailments, as Medicare funding is callously and summarily slashed. Does that scare anybody? Well then maybe the rhetoric needs to be notched up a bit.

Consequently, the truth of Paul Ryan's intentions towards Medicare has been overshadowed and distorted to the point that the liberal presentation of it is little more than a childish caricature. Obama and the Democrats are so threatened by the possibility of an honest discussion of this issue (or any other issue for that matter) that they are willing to make any statement, no matter how devoid of authenticity, in order to manipulate the people through fear. Joe Biden's alarmist screed to a largely minority audience that Romney and Ryan would put them "back in chains" is among the most reprehensible examples, but it is certainly not the only one.

What Americans need to realize, if they are to have any hope of repairing the grave damage to their country, or preventing an even more calamitous disintegration of its economic engine (and if that eventuates, no government program will remain unscathed), is that federal "entitlements" simply cannot continue on the present basis. Fixes need to be implemented if the worthwhile purposes of any of them are to endure. And this truth is unalterable, regardless of how disingenuously the liberal attack machine will portray those individuals with the courage to embark on such a task.

In keeping with past tactics, Barack Obama has repeatedly resorted to a deceptive "bait and switch" tactic, in which he seeks to avoid confronting a difficult issue by promising something "rosy" at some future date. Does anyone still expect his crash program at NASA to put an American on an asteroid as he suggested when he cancelled the "Orion" space system goal of returning to the surface of the moon? Yet this is exactly how he deflected criticism from those who warned of the burgeoning technology deficit that this nation faces, as other countries pursue their own capabilities in space with a fervency that has not been seen since the dark days of the Cold War.

His insincerity in dealing with the problems facing Medicare is every bit as brazen. In contrast to Ryan, who admits that tough choices and significant revisions in its structure and management must be made, Obama postures as if it will continue forever in its present state, with funding magically available from unlimited economic sources. This is particularly egregious since it was his own establishment of socialized medicine (Obamacare) that has inflicted the worst damage to Medicare. In order to balance the books on Obamacare, the current medical coverage for seniors would be forced to forfeit $700 billion from its coffers. Yet we are told that no reduction would be experienced by recipients. No need to do the math, just take his word for it. The worst aspect of this situation is that liberals do not care if Medicare eventually implodes, as long as it waits until after November 6 to do so.

In contrast, while Paul Ryan's plan would not change the terms for those approaching their retirement years, who cannot alter their financial condition at this stage of life, it would restructure the overall administration of Medicare for younger Americans. Through significantly improved management of its delivery, the program can be made more solvent and thereby remain feasible for future participants. Of course this involves greater involvement of the private sector, and a diminished role for the government. And this possibility alone generates the venomous disdain that statists such as Barack Obama and his Democrat minions on Capitol Hill have for any alternative that involves free market capitalism. Federal programs are designed primarily to benefit the federal leviathan, while common people are merely the "resource" on which it feeds.

Amid the detestable lies of the "Joe Soptic" ad, in which Obama surrogates (with irrefutable ties to the Administration) accused Mitt Romney of heartlessly casting a steel worker out onto the street and ultimately causing the death of his wife, an ominous truth of the liberal/collectivist mindset was unwittingly revealed. While attempting to make the case that Bain Capital (Romney's one time investment firm) had wrongfully shut down GST Steel, they unmasked their true concept of business and employment. In the leftist worldview, companies exist only to bestow paychecks and benefits on workers. And while this notion may sound more big-hearted and generous than merely producing a desired good and thus making a profit, in reality it leads inexorably to financial disaster.

Over the past four years, America has been forced into this "business model" of Barack Obama and the left. Rosy promises of a painless existence, undergirded by an all-compassionate nanny state, do not fare well amid the ebb and flow of real life. The economic downfall suffered by vast numbers of Americans since 2009 is the inescapable result of misbegotten collectivist economic crusades. And the scope of such calamities will only increase if liberals are able to remain in control. Whether in the depths of the federal bureaucracy or on Main Street, only by the efforts of courageous and steadfast visionaries such as Paul Ryan can America hope to avert the impending disaster.

Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and staff writer for the New Media Alliance. He lives in southeastern Wyoming. He has been active in local and state politics for many years. His contact information and archives can be found at

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