Exclusive: ‘Guilty’ – Ann Coulter ‘Confesses’ to FSM

by THE EDITORS February 10, 2009
Best-selling author Ann Coulter’s latest book, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and their Assault on America, is burning up the charts. What’s the hype all about? FSM’s Renee Taylor recently caught up with Ann to find out.
Renee Taylor: What is the primary idea (or ideas) you wish readers to understand when they read "Guilty"? 
Ann Coulter: That if they're reading my book, chances are they're innocent.
RT: There are lots of examples of fabricated victims (from Tawana Brawley to the Duke lacrosse team rape "victim") – can you give us a list of your favorite Liberals' fake victims and a resulting list of real victims with brief explanations as to how they made the lists?
AC: Poor, long-suffering Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, Scott Ritter, Cindy Sheehan, the Jersey Girls, Scott McClellan – and they were just victims of the same imaginary “Republican Attack Machine!” There’s also the North Carolina stripper who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse players of raping her, single mothers, the police officer who was allegedly diving into Ground Zero on 9/11 who was, in fact, directing traffic in Queens, the authors of various hoax Holocaust and gang girl memoirs – wow – I could write a book about my favorite liberal phony victims! Wait, I already did.
RT: How has the mainstream media helped to create these fake victims while actually creating real victims out of innocent people?
AC: That would be an excellent subject for a book. Wait a minute, I think I just wrote that book! Let me check my notes – by golly, I did! You should pick up a copy – word on the street is that it's a fun read!
RT: We've pointed out a lot of individual cases of victimhood, but what about group victimization – did Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for instance, in their day, fall into your definition of creating fake and real victims and, if so, how?
AC: Yes, but they’re has-beens at the victim game by now, thoroughly exposed years ago.
RT: Would Rev. Joseph Lowery's benediction at the Inauguration be an example of creating false and real victims with his remark, "Let the white man do right....")?
AC: Yes, perfectly. He actually read off a list of the victims, including a red man, a yellow man (or as I call them, "jaundiced-Americans"), a brown man, and a black man. 
Lowery, a black man, read his list of supposed victims, at the conclusion of a ceremony at which a black man became president of the United States and the single most powerful person on planet earth. The benediction, poem and national anthem were delivered by black men (and women). And all this occurred in a country where it is apparently now acceptable to insult white people during a presidential benediction.
RT: Do you think that group victimhood has some roots in the teachings of Saul Alinsky – whose teachings Obama follows quite seriously – and if so, in what way?
AC: Yes, that's in a book called Rules for Radicals, which can be shoplifted from fine booksellers everywhere. Alinksky dedicated the first edition of that book to “Lucifer.”   Which reminds me: The devil was always carping about how he was a victim of God’s lack of respect for him – just like today’s fake victims. By contrast, Jesus actually was a victim but never called himself one . . . just like today’s real victims.
RT: Do you believe the public education system and the dumbing down of education is responsible for creating false and real victims and, if so, in what way?
AC: I went to a public school, could you re-state that question using smaller words? 
Yes, the real victims are the school children who can’t do math or locate California on a map but can put a condom on a banana in six seconds flat. The secondary victims are hardworking taxpayers forced by law to fund this nonsense.  
The fake victims are the teachers who must be constantly praised as if they’re monks who have taken a vow of poverty while being paid better than almost any other employees for the hours they work, except professional athletes. But unlike professional athletes, teachers have total job security. Guess which party is completely beholden to teachers’ unions?
RT: Having spent many years in the legal field, I do know that there are attorneys, such as those with CAIR and the ACLU for example, everywhere who make their living off of victims. Who or what are some examples of fake victims created by such attorneys and who/what are their real victims?  
AC: The ACLU claiming to speak for apparently ultra-sensitive religious minorities while actually functioning as America’s leading hate group (against Christians); CAIR claiming to defend Muslims from “racial profiling” while giving the terrorists a cushion for the next attack on American; NOW Legal Defense Fund claiming to speak for my favorite victim group, Rich White Women from Scarsdale, while promoting the murder of the innocent unborn; and trial lawyers like John Edwards who put on carnival side shows by claiming to channel the voices of babies in the womb in order to win ludicrous awards from illiterate jurors, thereby stealing from the most dedicated, hardworking, most expensively schooled and least well paid professionals in America: Doctors.
RT: One of the first things Obama did was to sign an executive order to close Guantanamo. What have groups like the ACLU done to elevate the detainees – enemy combatants caught on the battlefield - to victim status and why do you think the mainstream media and some politicians try to convince the American public that the enemy is treated "unfairly" while our own military, the real victims, have been vilified by these same groups?
AC: They hate America and root for our enemies.
RT: Tell our readers how you view illegal aliens as fake victims and who made them that way.
AC: To find out how I feel about illegal aliens in English, press "one" now. To find out in Spanish, press "two" now.
They apparently made themselves victims by entering my country illegally.
RT: I was recently asked by a reader what the average American can do to combat the Left – including the liberal media - and their assault on our way of life. What, in your opinion, can the average citizen do? 
AC: Call and write your elected representatives with your opinions, work for principled conservative candidates, encourage your children to go into the media, academic or entertainment industries.
Normal Americans have much more power than they realize – look at what happened to gay marriage, amnesty for illegals, gun bans and Walter Mondale’s pledge to raise taxes. Not even a Democrat would dare support those ideas in public anymore. Obama won the hearts of the lunatic left by promising to shut down Guantanamo, withdraw immediately from Iraq, and end Bush war policies such as rendition. None of that has happened or likely will happen. Even Obama has to pitch expansions of welfare as a “tax cut” for 95% of Americans. We’re winning every place but on the nightly news and your local newspaper (both of which are going out of business.)
Finally, the most important thing you can do to combat liberals is to buy my book, read it and encourage others to do the same. 
RT: What is a warning sign of a Liberal about to create a new false "victim" for the American public...that is, something that we would label "Victim Alert" as soon as it started happening?
AC: They show up on the Today Show and claim to be “offended.”
RT: What are your thoughts on the Obama administration's next four years with regard to how it will further push a victim agenda (i.e. more welfare, reparations for slavery, Fairness Doctrine, that Obama himself is a target of Rush Limbaugh as opposed to the other way around, etc.).
AC: He’s already doing it: Pass the “stimulus” bill or catastrophe will ensue! That’s the rallying cry for a bill that forks over a trillion dollars to state, local and federal governments. It’s a “stimulus” for Big Brother, not actual humans.  
RT: Is there anything we have not covered about Guilty that you would like to convey to FSM readers?
AC: Yes, but fortunately it's all in the book! The easiest way to get it is to buy the book.
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