"Conduct Unbecoming": A Shocking Book Tells of America's Destruction

by JOHN W. HOWARD September 7, 2010
On rare occasions, a book will appear that can alter the tide of public policy.  Such a book is Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is Destroying The Military and Endangering Our Security, by Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson (Regnery, 2010), released this day. It is a book so compelling, so revelatory, so frightening that it must prompt only one conclusion: our current international circumstances are no accident. They are the product of a philosophy so at odds with American tradition, so at variance with American values, so contrary to the very idea of American exceptionalism, that it virtually repudiates American history. 
It is the dark world view of the radical left that regards American history as an unbroken line of oppression, racism, imperialism and destruction. It looks upon every American act with suspicion and even its most selfless projects with cynicism. It is the worldview into which President Obama was born and with which he is most comfortable. It is not merely an opinion. It is the assumption underlying his philosophy of governance and his predisposition in policy.
In this brilliant book, Colonel Patterson provides the intellectual context for an analysis of Obama Administration policy. It starts by bursting the self-created myth of Obama’s middle American cultural roots. His mother was not the idealistic, free spirited flower child of legend but a committed Marxist whose penchant for the ethnic self-loathing so current in the 1960’s, led her to one unsatisfying relationship after another in a desperate – and ultimately unsuccessful search – for redemption from a history she was taught to despise. In that, she epitomized a sort of distorted cultural conformity that, in its own self-dramatizing way, billed itself as non-conformist individualism even as it subsumed the individual into the collective. We instinctively knew all this, of course, but, still, the evidence of it is jarring.
Patterson discloses that Obama’s mother did not stray far from her training; that Obama’s supposedly middle American white grandparents were actually ardent leftists who imbued him with leftist theory even as they introduced him to a succession of black radical theorists and poets in what seems to me a particularly patronizing effort to immerse him in what appeared to them as “Black culture”. He was inoculated with the politics of black grievance at a very early age.
It should come as no surprise, then, that as he came up in the miasma that is Chicago politics, Obama chose as his friends and sponsors such as Weathermen Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, Marxist terrorists and would be murderers who enjoyed the protection of Chicago’s business and legal elite while ten years on the lam from the FBI. Or that he should gravitate to the church of Black Liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright whose sermons combined Marxist philosophy with a distorted Christianity into an incendiary mix of grievance, hatred, certitude, demagoguery and entitlement. Or that he should take as his ideological Sherpa radical strategist Saul Alinsky, whose work he internalized and taught, and who called for a soft revolution of cooption by lie. Or that he should assist in making grants to a variety of radical organizations populated by Islamist anti-Semites and leaders of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party.
 It is his philosophical comfort zone and it informs his policy choices and determines who is appointed to important decision making administration posts. The result is a foreign policy of self-flagellation and appeasement. All of this is described in gruesome detail by Col. Patterson in this important book.
But it is what follows that will be so valuable to those who are concerned with the direction of the nation. As a career military officer, Patterson describes the broader implications on military readiness of this assumptive worldview and demonstrates how Obama’s ideological architecture compels a view of the United States as fundamentally and structurally flawed – maybe even malevolent – perhaps not even the equal of other nations – but, in any event, in no moral position to lead the world. 
Col. Patterson demonstrates how the presuppositions that drive this administration lead to a disrespect for advice from military officers and discomfort with military achievement. In the broader sense, he shows how this distorted view of American history, culture and tradition leads the White House to an abandonment of American ideas and concomitant unilateral moral disarmament, philosophical surrender and diminished American power.
This essential book is a vital sourcebook that provides a frightening month by month listing of Obama initiatives that undermine our allies, embolden our enemies, diminish American influence and international and military capability and enfeeble American foreign policy. All of this, as Patterson so brilliantly points out, the result of a pernicious philosophy engendered at so early an age as to serve as the central organizing nucleus of an intellectual mindset.
Nothing, though, could more clearly illustrate the destructive nature of the relationships that gave rise to the Obama phenomenon than his ongoing connection to Code Pink and its founder Jodie Evans. It was Evans who introduced Obama to the fatuous and shallow Hollywood community that provided the seed money for his march to the presidency. But to say that Evans’ Code Pink undermines American interests would be to seriously minimize its appalling sedition.
Patterson, for the first time, comprehensively brings together the disparate threads that weave a tapestry of subversion by Code Pink enabled, assisted and promoted at the very highest levels of political power. Far from the benign, silly little old ladies in tennis shoes of media mythology, Code Pink is a collection of vicious radicals who deliberately undermine military morale, violently disrupt peaceful meetings and congressional hearings and, most egregiously, lend aid and comfort to America’s enemies.
They have picketed Walter Reed hospital where our fighting men and women try to recover from their war wounds with cruel and belittling invitations to the soldiers to die. They have participated in a mock war crimes trial against the United States. Its members have travelled to the Middle East to meet with Hezbollah to offer moral and financial support as it rained down missiles on innocent Israelis. They have fabricated stories of atrocities supposedly committed by United States servicemen; stories that have proven to be absolutely false. Eight months ago, just two months after sponsoring a fundraiser for President Obama, members of Code Pink went to Gaza with accused murderer Bernardine Dohrn and terrorist Bill Ayers to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in aid to Hamas supported Palestinians.
In perhaps the most stunning and incendiary revelation in this book, Patterson discloses that Code Pink delivered more than $600,000 in aid to the insurgents in Fallujah when the insurgents were killing United States Marines in bloody house-to-house fighting. Most shocking of all, when Evans and Code Pink delivered their money to the murderers of American fighting men, they were traveling under letters of support and diplomatic courtesy provided by Senator Barbara Boxer of California. This is the politician Code Pink lists as its “favorite senator”. It is no surprise why. Without official help, sedition is much more challenging.
To this day, neither President Obama nor Senator Boxer has ever repudiated or, for that matter, even criticized Code Pink or its members for their acts against our service men and women and our nation’s interests.
Col. Patterson was a career military officer carrying the highest security clearances available. As a result, he was assigned to carry the nuclear codes in the Clinton Administration. His first book, Dereliction of Duty, was a best selling revelation of the Clinton Administration’s criminal irresponsibility. In Conduct Unbecoming, Patterson has, yet again, issued the clarion call to his countrymen through his skillful writing and meticulous research. Like a modern Paul Revere, his is a call to arms; an urgent call for action. We still have it within our grasp to change the very dangerous course set for us by those among us who wish us no good. Whether we do so remains to be seen. But what Col. Patterson has convincingly demonstrated is that we must. Our very survival as the nation of our founding depends upon it. Col. Patterson has provided the factual rationale for engagement. If you read no other book this fall, you must not miss this one.
Family Security Matters Contributing Editor John W. Howard is a lawyer (www.jwhowardattorneys.com), specializing in corporate and business litigation who also founded a non-profit, public interest law firm specializing in First, Second and Tenth Amendment issues.

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