The Mindset of Supposed Entitlement

by MARK R. TAYLOR February 4, 2011
To what lengths will cash strapped Democrat controlled states, counties and municipalities go to fatten their coffers to pay for their inflated budgets? While law enforcement should be chasing “bad guys” – the crack dealer, the murderer, the thief – those types of law breakers only strain an already tight budget filled with this gimme program and that gimmie program. No, all you have to do is follow the money trail. One look at Rhode Island will illustrate just that.
Truck drivers are prime targets for any number of traffic violations apart from speeding. The fact that they are “just passing through”, trying to earn a living in an increasingly difficult economy, makes the trucker nothing more than a check waiting to be cashed. Recently, while driving an 18-wheeler through Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in a major snowstorm, a trucker, who requested anonymity, had a chance meeting on the interstate with a state trooper. 
As a long-haul trucker, one must rely upon the directions from their company’s dispatcher, who in turn gets them from other drivers or the customer themselves, customers who are fully aware that it is an 18-wheeler, not a Prius, traveling the roadways to pick up or deliver their product. There was one way in, one way out of this particular company and armed with his directions and his focus on the increasingly dangerous Interstate 95, he approached Pawtucket. Somewhere along the way, buried under the piles of snow pushed to the side to make the interstate somewhat safe for drivers, was a detour sign that theoretically stated trucks were not allowed on that portion of a major interstate highway. Not far from the detour sign, sat a Rhode Island state trooper who had no problem – or regard for safety on the icy, snowy roads – of pulling him over.  With the snow piled high on the shoulder, the driver maneuvered his truck to a stop, trying hard to keep out of the way of oncoming traffic. Disregarding weather conditions and other factors, the trooper wrote a ticket for $85 – one of many the two troopers assigned to the duty of writing tickets to truckers in snowstorms who don’t see the buried sign - and his department mailed the trucking company a citation for $3,000. 
While I am sure Pawtucket has its share of murders, dope deals and thefts, residents can be safe knowing that the Rhode Island State Police are working hard to bring revenue into their state on the backs of the hardworking trucker, many of who will pay the fine as logistics prohibit the possibility of returning to fight it out in court.
Feeling safe yet? As cash strapped cities such as Detroit, Michigan, and Camden, New Jersey, pull officers off investigating crime to pursue the cash cow of the traffic citation, there are fewer and fewer officers to keep citizens safe from your local neighborhood thief and dope dealer. Follow the money trail – do the bureaucrats care if you are safe and secure or are they seeking creative ways to fill the coffers to pay exorbitant union salaries and a list of wasteful, vote-buying programs? 
It is easier to shake down the trucker who rarely has the resources available to him to fight the traffic violation borne out of various schemes and traps set to ensnare the unsuspecting driver. They are counting on ten drivers who will pay the nuisance fine rather than lose hundreds more to contest. In typical Democrat-looter mindset, they are merely taking from those who produce for themselves and giving it to those who do not. Isn’t that “fair”? Where is the sense of justice for the entitled? Why, those poor little towns and states need that money – whereas the truck driver is only going to spend it on themselves, purchasing food, shelter or medical insurance for his family.
This nation’s once strong economy is collapsing under the weight of its own entitlement mindset. The professional trucker is just that – professional. He is delivering the necessities to your cities that are a matter of your existence – food, clothing and more. However, there will come a day when he will cease being a target for the looter politicians to pay for the moocher vote-buying programs they can no longer sustain. He won’t go “on strike”, leaving his job to stand on violent picket lines demanding his “fair share” of his company’s profits while you scream for him to return to work. He simply won’t deliver there. He will not bend to your demands that you are entitled to his services while targeting his every nickel and dime. As the economy demands more from him – and other workers like him – whether it be increased regulations or continued shakedowns by cash strapped Democrat rules – he may possibly just disappear, refusing to provide a service to a public who demands more and a government who tightens its noose around the checkbooks of business owners, corporations and laborers who earn the income the looters misguidedly believe they are entitled to.
In a nation where politicians buy votes with promises of “entitlement programs” – looters who shamelessly take from the productive, we have created a population of moochers who believe they are entitled – without effort or achievement – to the earnings of those same productive citizens. The looters will remain in office until the mindset of the moocher voting base is transformed, where there is no pittance thrown their way as their reward for the vote. We can fight, we can vote, we can educate. We can refuse to serve the areas where tricks and gimmicks reach deep into our pockets. Unless we do, we’ll pay the fines, we’ll pay the taxes, we’ll continue to support their mindset of supposed entitlement. Contributing Editor Mark R. Taylor served in Iraq from January 2004 to May 2005 as a civilian convoy commander, and is a private investigator/analyst for The Taylor Company in Warren, Arkansas.

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