Exclusive: George Clooney: Number One on Obama’s Speed Dial?

by PAM MEISTER August 13, 2008
Those of you who think there’s nothing behind the “celebrity” charge the McCain campaign has been lobbing against Barack Obama may want to read this article from the UK Daily Mail. Obama might not be Sienna Miller’s BFF (best friend forever), but apparently he and George Clooney have hit it off and, according to the article, text each other regularly and speak by phone a couple of times a week.

Aside from sharing manscaping tips, what could a former community organizer/Messiah and a college dropout/former television doctor have in common? In addition to “giving him advice on things such as presentation, public speaking and body language,” Clooney is using his expert credentials to push Obama to “be more ‘balanced’ on issues such as U.S. relations with Israel…George is pro-Palestinian. And he is also urging Barack to withdraw unconditionally from Iraq if he wins.”

If you – like those other unenlightened Americans – doubt Clooney’s credentials, you only need to read his résumé: reviewing his roles in films like The Peacemaker, Three Kings, Syriana and Return of the Killer Tomatoes, it becomes impossible to doubt his in-depth knowledge about global affairs. (Don’t forget, Clooney also just bought the movie rights to the story of Osama bin Laden’s driver.) Think about it: the man who said, “I am a method actor. I spent years training for the drinking and carousing I had to do in this film,” must certainly have absorbed just as much – if not more – expertise on issues like Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, if he hasn’t already, Gen. David Petraeus should really think about putting Clooney on speed-dial. I just hope Clooney is big enough to put differences aside and take the General’s calls.

Sadly, Clooney feels he has to hide his friendship with The One™ because his liberal views and playboy image might mar Obama’s bid for the White House. Strange; those traits didn’t seem to hurt Bill Clinton. But if it’s true, just think how damaging a George Clooney-John Edwards friendship could have been to the latter’s campaign. Good thing they don’t know each other. Who knows what kind of naughty influence Clooney might have had on Edwards?

Still doubt Clooney has the experience needed to be an advisor to a man running for the highest office in the land? Check out these notable quotes:

  • “I believe he thinks this [war against Iraq] is a war that can be won, but there is no such thing anymore… We can't beat anyone anymore."
  • “I'm not the person to be sending messages to - I'm not smart enough and I don't know enough about what's going on. I just want it to be talked about and discussed a lot more before one man makes a decision to go in and bomb.”
  • "We moved away from what we were going after which was the al Qaeda and there’s no connection between al Qaeda and Iraq, which we know, we spent a lot of time trying to prove it and it didn’t happen. And we’re going to go into a war and we’re going to kill a lot of innocent people.” (Note: evidence has emerged that Saddam Hussein supported al Qaeda.)
  • "What did Bush do on 9/11? He ran away and hid. Even Reagan knew more about leadership than that, and he was as bad a symbol of America as I can think of, off-hand. But at least he's been in enough cowboy movies to know he had to come out and stand on top of the rubble and be seen shaking his fist or something.”

Wow, he’s more than an unofficial advisor – this guy is Secretary of State material! Move over, Condi…there’s a new guy in town and he doesn’t take any prisoners. He also has prettier hair and a villa in Italy.

You know, Obama should openly embrace Clooney’s friendship and advice. If Obama really is, as attributed to Clooney, “a once-in-a-lifetime leader,” then being connected to an actor with Left-leaning politics and a biting contempt for his own nation shouldn’t hurt Obama’s ascension to the golden throne of hope and change.

Pam Meister is the editor of FamilySecurityMatters.org.

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