JANUARY 16, 2017

Palestinian and Arab leaders have forecast an “explosion” on anger should Trump go ahead with the move (moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem), a warning echoed this month by Secretary Kerry.

JANUARY 15, 2017

Judicial Watch’s sources say the barrage outside what’s soon to be the new U.S. Consulate is connected to a broad operation between Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug cartels to send President-elect Donald Trump a message...

JANUARY 12, 2017

The suit alleging defamation was brought last year by Mohammed Mohammed, the father of Ahmed, widely known as the “Clock Boy,” after the latter brought a clock device resembling a bomb to his school in 2016.

In it Al-Nabulsi says, “...the wicked Jews are a collection of defects and imperfections, and a hotbed of vices and evils. They are the worst enemies of God, against Islam and its people..."

JANUARY 10, 2017

On January 4, 2017, California legislative leaders announced that they have hired Holder to assist them in anticipated federal challenges to several state policies such as climate change and immigration.

JANUARY 9, 2017

This move reportedly reflects Trump’s belief that “the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has become bloated and politicized.”

JANUARY 6, 2017

“Russia clearly tried to meddle in our political system. No two ways about it...”

JANUARY 5, 2017

Yesterday, Obama added another prestigious medal to his Nobel Prize collection when he had Defense Secretary Carter award him with the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.


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