NOVEMBER 26, 2016

Common sense will prevail over politically correct arrogance. Because everywhere in the West, we are witnessing the same phenomenon.

NOVEMBER 22, 2016

breaking news lightMohamed Rafik Naji, 37, is charged with traveling to Turkey and Yemen between March and September of last year in an effort to join ​ISIS, court papers filed in Brooklyn federal court say.

Trump characterized the move a part of a plan to advance the simple core principle of “putting American first.”

NOVEMBER 21, 2016

When the plane arrived in Arizona, the captain announced that everyone was to remain seated to allow the Perry family to leave first.

“I don’t trust Iran,” Flynn said during that interview. “What I’ve seen over certainly the last 10 years, if not the last 30, they are not a nation to be trusted.”

NOVEMBER 20, 2016

After repeatedly searching for weapons, the police slapped handcuffs on them, targeting them for the content of their work.

NOVEMBER 17, 2016

“Republicans grabbed more of America’s statehouses and governors' mansions during the Obama administration than at any time in the modern era,” the Washington Post’s Amber Phillips reported.

NOVEMBER 16, 2016

But they're still really worried about radical Islam's opponents, even more than radical Islam itself.

NOVEMBER 13, 2016

"When ISIS invaded al Bab city, they detained my brother and killed him. I have been criticizing the practices of ISIS for a long time...”

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