Stop the Surprise - It is War!

July 28, 2014

We must stop failing to heed the explicit words of our enemies, in this case, Hamas.

United Nations and Hamas Silent On Use Of Children as Human Shields

July 28, 2014

Every person with a conscience can agree that Hamas storing rockets beneath a children’s school is evil.

Is THIS How Obama is Planning to Betray Israel?

July 28, 2014

Will Obama abandon Israel by not providing American military resupply?

U.S. Moves to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

July 28, 2014

Finally! Legislation is introduced to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Killing Innocent Civilians in Gaza: Israel Falsely Accused of War Crimes

July 25, 2014

If we were to believe what the New York Times writes, or what we are supposed to see on CNN or the BBC, there are indeed terrible crimes committed in Gaza by the IDF.

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In new ad, WV Democrat Natalie Tennant shuts off power to the White House

July 28, 2014  08:39 AM

'Well, duh': Dept of Education says better teachers teach better

July 28, 2014  00:23 AM

Seems like a truism.

'And speak-o was his name-o': Another Jonathan Gruber video?

July 28, 2014  00:04 AM


'Sounds like socialism to me': Obama's call to 'rise or fall together' meets resistance

July 27, 2014  09:48 PM

Failure IS an option. But as long as we all do it together, it's patriotic!

Paul Ryan posts picture from goat milking contest, liberals outraged

July 27, 2014  09:15 PM

It's utterly shocking.

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