Is Administration Doing Anything About ISIS Genocide Against Christians? Lawsuit Filed

August 31, 2016

Last July, the ACLJ sent FOIA requests to the State Department, asking for records that would indicate what action the administration is taking to respond to, or stop, the genocide.

Egyptian Ambassador Takes Aim at Top Muslim Brotherhood Jurist

August 31, 2016

Qaradawi is best known in the US for providing fatwas authorizing suicide bombings for Hamas and calling for the death of Americans in Iraq.

Multiple Outrages in Clinton-Obama Benghazi Obstruction

August 31, 2016

Nearly as reprehensible, however, is the Obama administration at large.

The War Intensifies

August 30, 2016

The two keystones of the enemy alliance are Iran and Russia, and the Obama administration, as always, has no will to resist their sorties.

Nation Building or Islam Building

August 30, 2016

Nation-building has become a very controversial term. And with good reason.

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