Media Needs to Press Obama on Islam

July 24, 2016

In response to the Nice, France terrorist attack, killing 84, Newt Gringrich called for deportation of Muslims supporting sharia law. President Obama immediately criticized the suggestion as “repugnant” and “un-American.”

From AMIA To Nice: A War We Still Fail To Agree To Fight

July 22, 2016

Since terrorist attacks are likely to multiply rather than recede, an effective show of unity to prevent further attacks would be the best homage we could pay to the victims of AMIA, 9/11, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, Bangladesh, and Nice.

What’s So Hard to Understand About Allahu Akbar?

July 21, 2016

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never have so many been so confused for so long about two little words: Allahu Akbar.

Today's Trends

July 20, 2016

Our population is still growing but mostly because of immigration. The percent of Americans born somewhere else is approaching record levels.

Violence Against Democracy in Nice and Turkey

July 20, 2016

President Obama does not seem to grasp that every time Islamic terrorists inflict another massacre — they are defeating us.

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