Disturbing: Is this evidence Obama is building his own military unit?

September 3, 2015

The CIA and U.S. Special Ops forces have launched a secret campaign to hunt terrorism suspects as part of a targeted killing program that is run separately from the broader U.S. military offensive against the Islamic State...

ISIS in Your Backyard

September 3, 2015

On the latest edition of my show, “The Watchman,” I examined the recent series of arrests of ISIS supporters in the United States and the growth of the terror movement on U.S. soil.

Review: Sharia-ism is Here Revisited

September 3, 2015

Joy Brighton’s Sharia-ism is Here is worth a revisit and a re-reading in lieu of the progress of conquest of ISIS in the Middle East and the number of Americans who have joined ISIS.

Losing the War of Ideas

September 2, 2015

And the idea of jihad that the Obama administration will not discuss is perhaps the most powerful idea in the world’s marketplace of ideas today.

Diplomatic missions matter, especially in Iran

September 2, 2015

Iran is perhaps the only place left where Britain still outranks the United States as the most hated Western power…;

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Protesters dressed as Klan members clash with Trump campaign security outside presser

September 03, 2015  09:27 PM

While Donald Trump was inside saying, "I love the people of Mexico," aides were chasing at least one Mexican protester down the sidewalk outside.

Trump campaign accuses Hugh Hewitt of asking 'gotcha' foreign policy questions

September 03, 2015  08:37 PM

He'll be up to speed by the time he's elected president, he says.

Saudi King arrives with 4 planes to meet with climate-crusading president; Huge car fleet awaits [photos]

September 03, 2015  07:04 PM

#ActOnClimate will probably NOT be brought up by Obama.

'Sweet irony': Lecture about 'upholding the law' launches (another) search for Hillary's self-awareness

September 03, 2015  06:15 PM

Absolutely shameless, as usual.

Josh Earnest claims 'no public official is above the law'; Carly Fiorina says otherwise

September 03, 2015  05:37 PM

Earnest lying again by more than just a smidgen.

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