Navy SEAL who shielded hostage from Taliban will receive Medal of Honor

by KELLAN HOWELL February 7, 2016

He will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal for actions in Afghanistan and the Navy’s third recipient since the Vietnam War.

The 2016 election for dummies – Part 2

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD February 6, 2016

To maintain control, both Democrats and Republicans have fostered a culture of dependency.     

How Law Enforcement Will Protect the Super Bowl from Terrorists

by STEVEN P. BUCCI February 6, 2016

If you were a terrorist, either from ISIS or al-Qaeda, or one of their affiliates, wouldn’t you love to go after this White Whale of American culture?

Recent Explosion Raises Questions on Al Shabaab Targeting Airlines

by KEVIN SAMOLSKY February 5, 2016

If terrorism was involved, the obvious primary suspect is Al Shabaab, although the Somali terrorist organization does not have track record of utilizing on board explosives.

The Threat of A Super-EMP

by AMIL IMANI, JAMES HYDE February 4, 2016

No nuclear or any other kind of attack could destroy the entire country “all at once” except a Super-EMP with the core component being hydrogen.

Europe’s migration cancer

by HERBERT LONDON February 4, 2016

Some in Europe realize this migration increase could be a cancer that metastasizes throughout the continent. However, the cells of radical Islam are already well ensconced throughout Europe.

Why does the Southern Poverty Law Center hate the Center for Security Policy?


We have no quarrel with Muslims whose faith practice is not shariah-adherent.

New Emails Reveal Blumenthal Advised Clinton that Eric Cantor Committed a Possible ‘Felony’ by Disclosing Petraeus Classified Info

by JUDICIAL WATCH February 4, 2016

According to the Blumenthal-to-Clinton email, if classified information was discussed by Cantor, his staff, or anyone “inside or outside the bureau,” it “is a felony” in violation of the Espionage Act.

Blackmail: Iran now says it TOOK THESE from captured American Sailors…

by LTC ALLEN WEST (US ARMY RET) February 4, 2016

This was a hostile act by Iran and it is shameful that NO ONE is talking about this and showing any concern.

U.S. Commander in Iraq: It Doesn't Only Matter Whether You Win, 'It Matters How You Win'

by SUSAN JONES February 3, 2016

Quoting Winston Churchill, McFarland also said the U.S. is "closer to the end of the beginning of this campaign than we are to the beginning of the end."

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'The Ego Has Landed': White House's 'game day' tweet is just what you'd expect [photo]

February 07, 2016  01:34 PM


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Did Hillary Clinton just prove Marco Rubio correct on due-date abortion? [video, transcript]

February 07, 2016  12:07 PM

Advantage Rubio.

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'I would pay them to keep running that clip': Rubio doubles-down on his Obama 'glitch' [video]

February 07, 2016  11:22 AM

"I would pay them to keep running that clip."

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Yahoo editor-in-chief 'pretty sure' Marco Rubio was wrong about Roe v. Wade

February 07, 2016  00:02 AM

Macro Rubio's answer on abortion got him back into the debate, as well as mystified others about late-term abortion.

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Gov. Chris Christie emerges in #GOPDebate as 'heat-seeking anti-Rubio missile' [video]

February 06, 2016  09:35 PM

The pundits expected a pile-on at the #GOPDebate Saturday night, but Chris Christie was relentless in his attempt to take down Marco Rubio.

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