NYPD Panders to Politics

by PATRICK DUNLEAVY April 17, 2014

Following the articles, several Muslim activist groups protested against the NYPD's Counter Terrorism strategies.

NYPD Stands Down on Anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombing

by ROBERT SPENCER April 16, 2014

The NY Police Department announced Tuesday, the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon jihad attack, that it was disbanding a special unit that had been dedicated to watching for jihad terror threats in Muslim communities.

American Muslims for Palestine's Telling Choice of Heroes

by STEVE EMERSON April 15, 2014

...speakers included a man identified as a Muslim Brotherhood leader who previously led a Hamas-propaganda arm in America and a man listed as a member of the Palestine Committee, the Muslim Brotherhood's umbrella organization of American-based Hamas-support groups.

Muslim Brotherhood Flees London After British PM Launches Investigation

by RAHEEM KASSAM April 14, 2014

The Muslim Brotherhood is reported to be fleeing its recently established headquarters in London following the announcement of an investigation into their activities by Prime Minister David Cameron.

No Honor at Brandeis University

by EDWARD CLINE April 14, 2014

Brandeis University withdrew its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and disinvited her from delivering a commencement address – because of Islamic supremacist pressure. Is this any way to promote freedom of speech?

Georgia: 2014 Candidates for Congress - Where They Stand


Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…

Obama Administration: Center Of Gravity in a Corrupt Political-Media Culture

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD April 11, 2014

The liberal media, which have adopted the Obama agenda as its own, have artificially generated and sustained his popular support through censorship and manipulation of the news to prevent the American people from knowing who Obama is and the true nature of his political agenda.

Brandeis Flap Marks Another Win for Islamist Intimidation

by STEVE EMERSON April 11, 2014

So the Islamists are on a roll.

International Partnerships are Key to a Strong Missile Defense amid Budget Crunch

by MICHAEL J. DEL ROSSO April 10, 2014

How can we afford a robust missile defense of the American heartland and, at the same time, defend allies and our soldiers around the globe from growing missile threats?

America's Suicide Pact with Communism

by ALAN CARUBA April 10, 2014

It was a Founder and our second President, John Adams, who said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

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