Caving to Cuba no victory

by DR. PETER BROOKES December 19, 2014

Obama’s move legitimizes Castros’ regime


by PETER HUESSY December 18, 2014

However, as with so much in Washington, D.C., the CBO report was 50% smoke and mirrors and 50% unjustified assumptions.

Man Haron Monis' Politically Incorrect Developmental Problem

by NANCY HARTEVELT KOBRIN, PHD December 18, 2014

Monis was no lone wolf. He was raised in a shame honor culture and religion where the Ayatollah said it was okay to sexually abuse babies and where a commonly held belief is that if a Jew goes out in the rain, he will contaminate the water.

‘The last straw’ — Pakistan turns against terror

by AMIR TAHERI December 17, 2014

Could the revulsion at this slaughter of innocents trigger a new and genuine campaign against forces that have written Pakistan’s history in blood for almost three decades?

CIA Versus the Senate Intelligence Committee

by ANGELO M. CODEVILLA December 17, 2014

What information important to our safety did the CIA extract by waterboarding and rectally infusing suspects?

George Bailey, Global “Equalizer”

by EDWARD CLINE December 17, 2014

Bill Gates continues to “give back” what he never took in the first place.

The True Victims of Torture

by DEROY MURDOCK December 16, 2014

The Democrats, suddenly shocked by the CIA’s tactics, dishonor the people who died on 9/11.

Islamic Republic & ISIS: The lesser of two evils is still evil

by SLATER BAKHTAVAR December 16, 2014

What is particularly interesting to note is that, prior to 1979, the United States would likely have never questioned enlisting Iran's aid in this battle.

Global threats, Domestic nuttiness, and Santa Claus

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE December 15, 2014

For starters, the Grinch who stole the Whitehouse Obama, aka Grinchbama, has slashed the military.

The Left's "Torture" Gambit Will Fail

by WILLIAM R. HAWKINS December 15, 2014

Unfortunately, losing is what liberalism is all about. The campaign against harsh interrogation methods is not an isolated issue.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Boots above the ground: 1,000 Army paratroopers being deployed to Iraq

December 19, 2014  11:53 PM

They'll apparently assist in non-combat roles.

'Perfect'! Here's why 'Obama should be applauded for' his lady-centric presser

December 19, 2014  07:49 PM


Finally: Purple Hearts due to Fort Hood victims as president signs NDAA into law

December 19, 2014  07:39 PM

"Workplace violence" no more.

Shocking photo reveals where Kim Jong-un got idea to target, intimidate filmmakers

December 19, 2014  06:24 PM

Satirical filmmaker arrested in the middle of the night for making "offensive" movie.

Rand Paul slams 'isolationist' Marco Rubio for wanting to 'perhaps build a moat'

December 19, 2014  05:39 PM

Likely 2016 candidate Paul comes out swinging.

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