Time to Act in Syria

by SLATER BAKHTAVAR April 26, 2017

The nation of Syria is in a state of chaotic turmoil. It is ostensibly ruled by the dictator Bashar al-Assad, but his grip on power is tenuous due to the fact that his own people have had quite enough of him and are now in open revolt, leaving the nation in civil war.

MOAB Drop Triggers 'Mother of All Asinine Criticisms'


While relentlessly having supported Obama’s actions in Afghanistan, Warren now seeks specifics. Disregarding the obvious two reasons for MOAB’s employment – saving American lives and snuffing out those of brutal killers – Warren’s credentials to run in 2020 as her party’s presidential candidate are suspect.

What the Vietnam War Should Tell Us About Committing Ground Forces in Syria


In today’s world of a Trump presidency in which any actions he undertakes, regardless of its logical rational, becomes a topic of criticism by his political opponents, we must look at two of his decisions – independent of the tainted lenses through which critics choose to view them – made concerning Syria.

The Deal of the Century

by TED BELMAN April 17, 2017

There is no end in sight for the Syrian War because both sides have a lot of fight left in them. This is due in part to the fact that losing is not an option for either and both sides are being financed by oil money.

Syria tops Tillerson's agenda for first official visit

by DR. PETER BROOKES April 17, 2017

Naturally, the Russians aren’t happy at the American slap at its ally, in the form of U.S. warships raining down Tomahawk cruise missiles on the regime’s air force after Damascus’ criminal gassing last week of its own people with the chemical weapon, sarin.

I'm starting to get a sick feeling about what just happened in the White House…

by LTC ALLEN WEST (US ARMY RET) April 14, 2017

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner is leading an unprecedented effort to meddle in the White House’s National Security Council, causing mayhem for senior staff who say the president’s son-in-law is interfering in key foreign policy debates...

The Real War in 'Syria' and the Strategy for Long-Term Victory

by DR. MICHAEL LEDEEN April 14, 2017

Of course I loathe Assad. And of course I despise the Obamans for that phony red line and the subsequent retreat-and-bogus-Russian-deal.

Eleven Weeks In

by TOM MCLAUGHLIN April 13, 2017

Trump let the world know last week that he’s not Barack Obama, and that’s worth something. He’s not a wuss and he’s not predictable.

Migrants pours skin irritating liquid down the front of a shirt of a 15 year old girl

by JANET LEVY April 13, 2017

In pockets all throughout Europe, non-Muslim women are being forced to follow shariah and stay in their homes unless they’re accompanied by a male guardian.

The Jihad Files: April 13, 2017

by JIHAD FILES April 12, 2017

In Iraq, ISIS continues to commit unimaginable crimes. Approximately 200 Iraqis have been kidnapped to be used as human shields against U.S. airstrikes. Mentally-handicapped Iraqis are being rounded up by ISIS and used against their will as suicide bombers. And mass executions against civilians accused of “blasphemy” continue unabated.

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