In the Heart of Sunni Islam, Trump Urges Leaders to Drive Out "Islamic Terror"


Addressing an unprecedented U.S.-Arab-Islamic gathering in Riyadh, Trump did not shy away from using terms eschewed by his predecessor such as “Islamic terror” and “Islamic extremism,” and he painted “Islamists” as part of the threat.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller


Suddenly, the demands for a special counsel to investigate allegations of Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election have been satisfied. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein yesterday appointed former FBI Director Mueller to take on that assuredly thankless task.

7 Things You Need To Know About The Appointment Of A Special Counsel To Investigate Trump-Russia Connections

by BEN SHAPIRO May 18, 2017

Rosenstein is acting under authority granted by the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in this investigation. Rosenstein apparently gave the White House no heads up on the decision;

A Contrarian View on Trump and Classified Intelligence

by N. M. GUARIGLIA May 18, 2017

What did Trump actually reveal to the Russians? In short, it looks like he told them that we know a guy — let’s call him Mr. X — located in some various location — let’s call it Location Y — who has “discovered” that ISIS wants to kill us all. Specifically, that ISIS wants to use laptops as bombs to take down airliners. Pardon the levity, but… Yeah? And?

Trump vs. The Deep State, Again


The Washington Post claimed Monday that President Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian emissaries in an Oval Office meeting last week. The article raises several concerns:

The Juggernaut and the Jerks

by JOAN SWIRSKY May 17, 2017

Wanna see Democrats and media hacks weep? Hand them this list!

The Latest 'Just Like Watergate' Idiocy

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY May 17, 2017

The ‘obstruction of justice’ claim is phony.

'The Russian Connection': On Fire or Spindoctoring?

by FRANK HILL May 17, 2017

Forgive us for being more than a tad bit 'skeptical' about the Democrat claims about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign

Trump's Russia leak: The real scandal behind the Washington Post story

by FRED FLEITZ May 16, 2017

The Washington Post claims it did not reveal all the details of the disclosures from its sources because U.S. officials said this would “jeopardize important intelligence capabilities.” Yes, there’s a scandal here. It concerns former and current U.S. officials leaking classified information to the press to undermine a U.S. president.

Here's what's REALLY troubling about the intel leak story…

by LTC ALLEN WEST (US ARMY RET) May 16, 2017

There’s just so much ammunition to use against the progressive socialist left…so why shoot yourself in the foot? But that’s what seems to keep happening.

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