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What Collusion Helped Whom?


If Americans are totally confused by the investigation into what the Russians did or did not do to influence our 2016 election, no one can blame them. There is a peculiar lack of logic in Washington, D.C. when party nomenklatura discuss these matters.

'Delegitimizing' Mueller? Don't Blame the Nunes Memo

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY February 8, 2018

The FBI and Justice Department hyped Trump–Russia collusion. Rod Rosenstein can right that wrong.

The Russian Dossier: Enter, Sid

by JUDICIAL WATCH February 7, 2018

A “second Trump-Russia dossier” has been turned over to the FBI, the Guardian reported. The second dossier was compiled by Cody Shearer, who the Guardian identifies as a “a controversial political activist and former journalist who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s.”

Let's Win One for the Gipper!

by AMBASSADOR HENRY F. COOPER February 6, 2018

“I firmly believe that it was the determination to embark upon that SDI program and to continue with it that eventually convinced the Soviet Union that they could never, never, never achieve their aim by military might because they would never succeed.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

Mueller Probe Based on Contrived Document with Fake Info Continues

by SHER ZIEVE February 6, 2018

The DNC members and a couple of handsful of RINOs ignore this when they say ‘Representative Nunes’ FISA memo and ongoing investigations have nothing to do with Mr. Mueller’s Russia investigation of President Trump’. Huh? Are they serious?

All Roads....

by JOAN SWIRSKY February 5, 2018

Once upon a time a seasoned political operative ran for President of the U.S. against a candidate who had virtually no political experience. She––Democrat Ms. Hillary Clinton––former First Lady of Arkansas, former First Lady of the U.S., former U.S. Senator from NY, former SOS under the faux “president” Barack Obama, was clearly the favorite.

BOMBSHELL: Memo Says Spy Warrant Would Not Have Been Granted Without Dossier

February 2, 2018

breaking news lightThe three-and-a-half page memo, which was written by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, says that FBI and DOJ knew that the infamous Steele dossier had been financed by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee ...

Robert Mueller's Endless Investigation Is Aimed At The Wrong 2016 Presidential Candidate


There was an unspoken question as Donald Trump mounted the podium for last night’s State of the Union message: Is Robert Mueller’s endless investigation aimed at impeaching the wrong President?

Memo Ping-Pong: FBI Objects, Nunes Responds, Schiff Cries Foul, Liberals Fund-Raise

by SUSAN JONES February 1, 2018

House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) reponded to the FBI with a statement of his own, calling the FBI's objections "spurious."

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