3 Out of 4 Convicted Terrorists Came to U.S. Legally Via Current Immigration System

by JUDICIAL WATCH January 18, 2018

“The United States faces a serious and persistent terror threat, and individuals with ties to terror can and will use any pathway to enter our country,” the new DHS/DOJ report states.

Tweet from Supreme Leader of Iran

by DARLENE CASELLA January 12, 2018

President Donald J. Trump described the Iran Nuclear Agreement as the “worst deal ever”. He faces a January 13 deadline on how to proceed with the accord signed into law by President Obama.

Iran--The Worst Deal

by DR. PETER VINCENT PRY January 12, 2018

Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is the worst deal possible because Iran probably already has the bomb.

Before UN Passes Jerusalem Resolution by 128-9, Haley Warns Again: "This Vote Will be Remembered"

by PATRICK GOODENOUGH December 22, 2017

Warnings from Trump and Haley that the U.S. was taking careful note of how countries vote did not appear to have made a significant difference to voting decisions.

Al-Sisi’s old guard appointee maintains anti-Copts solutions to jihad

by ASHRAF RAMELAH December 20, 2017

Statements made recently by the governor in response to antagonism and threats towards Christians and the forced closing of Saint George Church (on Oct 27) have aroused widespread suspicion of him among Copts inside and outside Egypt.

Medina Story in London

by AMIL IMANI December 19, 2017

Is history repeating itself? Are Muslims moving into the heart of a Jewish community in London?

'Linda Sarsour Supervised My Sexual Assault'

by CLARION PROJECT December 19, 2017

Women’s March organizer accused of covering up sex abuse

Putin Thanks Trump For Helping Avert ISIS Bombing at Russian Cathedral

by PATRICK GOODENOUGH December 18, 2017

“Based on the information the United States provided, Russian authorities were able to capture the terrorists just prior to an attack that could have killed large numbers of people,” it said.

Trump's actions have confirmed historical truth

by MARK SILVERBERG December 14, 2017

Trump’s action unambiguously reinforces the historic bond between the Nation of Israel and Jerusalem and the natural right of the Jewish people for self-determination in their ancestral homeland.

NYC Port Authority Jihadist Attack: Why the Rush to Civilian Court?

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY December 12, 2017

Intelligence agents need to know any information he has that might help us prevent another attack.

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