The Continuing Discussion Over Mexican Security and Tourism

by ALLAN WALL September 19, 2017

Mexico is a tourist bonanza, with so much to offer foreign tourists, including beach resorts, pre-Hispanic ruins, colonial downtowns and a wide variety of natural landscapes. It is therefore disturbing to read reports of worsening crime in Mexico, which is now creeping into tourist areas.

Terrorist Explosion on London subway

by FSM NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM September 15, 2017

breaking news lightEIGHTEEN people were injured including a schoolboy in a failed bucket bomb terror attack on the London Underground during this morning's rush hour.

9 11, Harvey and Irma – The worst of times, the best of times?

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE September 11, 2017

For most Americans, 9 – 11 was a flashbulb moment...Our nation was attacked, our safety violated. 9 - 11 was an act of war, committed by combatants unlike any we have faced in modern times. For those of us in the terrorism and preparedness professions, it was more than an affront to our country...

9 - 11 Fifteen Years Later: Don’t Let Future Generations Learn the Wrong Lesson

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE September 11, 2017

I trained some, and worked with many who responded to Ground Zero. And like many others with skin in the game, I can still picture the faces of colleagues lost – brave firefighters and medics who rushed where angels dared to tread, and gave their last full measure of devotion to help the victims.

MGM Resorts to fund CAIR, Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL


MGM Resorts International, said that it would match employee donations made to the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign, CAIR, OCA National-Asian Pacific American Advocates and League of United Latin American Citizens.

From Katrina to Harvey


Having once stood with them, I was moved to tears when the Cajun Navy simply swept in unannounced with their rescue boats and “swamp dawgs,” precisely the right tools and can-do attitudes when Houston neighborhoods are suddenly indistinguishable from its rivers.

No Holds Barred: The Swamp Offensive

by LINDA GOUDSMIT August 29, 2017

Every board game has rules. Every card game has rules. Every athletic competition has rules. Every election has rules. Every society has rules. WHY?

ESPN: Decision to Remove Asian Broadcaster Robert Lee from Calling Plays for UVA Game "Felt Right"

by MELANIE HUNTER ARTER August 23, 2017

The backlash against Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee has gone beyond taking down Confederate statues.

Magnetizing the Middle | An Op-ed to Violent Extremism in Charlottesville, VA

by DAVID LIAPIS August 16, 2017

While most Americans likely fall somewhere left or right of middle on the spectrum of political identity, there are certainly those who inhabit the fringes.

The Unstoppable Trump Train

by JOAN SWIRSKY August 14, 2017

Delivering on His Promises, Decimating the Opposition

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