In Eastern Europe, President Trump Bolsters Western Civilization

by DEROY MURDOCK July 10, 2017

His speech in Poland recalls Ronald Reagan and even John F. Kennedy.

French Legislative Elections: Part 3, Conclusion

by NIDRA POLLER June 28, 2017

President Emmanuel Macron did indeed obtain the parliamentary majority he needed and now stands alone in majestic elevation.

Hirsi Ali Warns the World Against ... Geert Wilders

by DIANA WEST June 28, 2017

If there's one thing that 31,065 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 teach us, it's that there is no way to foster a fact-based discussion of Islam in the halls of Western power.

ISIS unclaimed baggage: Flint, Paris, Brussels- the work of ISIS?

by LISA DAFTARI June 27, 2017

FBI investigating stabbing attack on a police officer at Bishop International Airport in Flint as an act of terrorism. The attacker Amor Ftouh from Canada reportedly yelled “Allahu Akhbar” before carrying out the attack.

Gradualism: The Strategy of the Tortoise

by LINDA GOUDSMIT June 23, 2017

European societies lead by left-wing liberal globalist leaders (the hare) are bragging about their tolerance, virtue, humanity, as they continue the mass importation of Muslim immigrants with cultural norms hostile to their own.

Islam Can Only Go "Mental"

by EDWARD CLINE June 12, 2017

From France, Germany, Sweden, and other European nations come innumerable stories of Muslims apprehended after committing horrendous crimes only to be declared “mentally ill” (or who were just too “young” to be treated as adults) and so can’t be held responsible for the crimes.

Examining Jihad in the United Kingdom

by SARAH FROEHLKE June 7, 2017

The three attacks that have occurred in the UK over the past three months all seem to be motivated by jihad and the fight for Islam.

The Sharia-supremacist Insurgency in Britain – and Beyond


Mayhem on the streets of London Saturday night no longer can be attributed to “terrorism.” We must henceforth treat what is happening to one of our closest allies as nothing less than an insurgency.

French Legislative Elections: Part 2 & Zionist interlude

by NIDRA POLLER May 31, 2017

When I turned on my computer that day and caught a glimpse of “…attack… 22 dead, 59 wounded…I thought the dateline would be Baghdad or Idlib. After reading my emails, I came back to the death toll... in Manchester

Islamic Terrorists Are "Evil Losers" That Suck at War

by N. M. GUARIGLIA May 23, 2017

But just because the jihadists can’t be laughed away doesn’t mean they should never be laughed at. Our country has — in the form of Donald Trump — the most improbable, comedic, and, potentially, effective psy-ops president we’ve ever had.

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