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The Curious Case of Natalia Veselnitskaya

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY July 20, 2017

Obama-administration officials arranged for her entry — for reasons that have nothing to do with Trump Jr. or the presidential campaign.

Sen. Grassley Expects to See Comey Memos in "24 to 48 Hours"; "They're Classified Information"

by SUSAN JONES July 12, 2017

Grassley told Fox News on Tuesday that the memos Comey allowed to be leaked to the press are “classified information.”

CNN's Fake News Machine


The sources were, as usual, anonymous. The Fake News story was full of "a source tells CNN" and "another source said" attributions. Seventeen of them.

White House: Liberal Media Gave 1 Minute to Tax Reform, 353 Minutes to "False Narrative on Russia"


Sanders said President Trump often tweets on policy issues but the liberal media apparently do not want to discuss those messages, only the more controversial ones about media or personalities.

Did Loretta Lynch Try to Stifle the Clinton Email Probe? Senators Send Her Questions

by SUSAN JONES June 28, 2017

The four Judiciary Committee members asked Lynch to provide answers to a series of questions by July 6, including...

Lawfare: Hindering President Trump from Investigating Obama

by LINDA GOUDSMIT June 26, 2017

The Democratic Party is not your mother’s Democratic Party. Today the party is composed of radical left-wing liberals and anarchists fully committed to destroying American democracy and replacing it with socialism.

Time to Make America Great Again

by AMIL IMANI June 23, 2017

Once again, the Washington Post story that Trump was being investigated comes from anonymous sources. Is he really being investigated for obstruction?

Mr. Trump is in Washington

by CAROLINE GLICK June 21, 2017

Once Trump hires professionals not loyal to Obama to fill mid-level and senior positions, the deluge of classified material daily making its way to the media will dry up.

The Justice Department Is Killing Trump

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY June 20, 2017

Four key decisions put Sessions on the sidelines and intensify a scandal.

Conspiracy of Silence about Mueller

by CLIFF KINCAID June 20, 2017

The trap has been set by those conservatives in the media, echoing their liberal colleagues, who wanted to pretend that Mueller is overflowing with honor and integrity.

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