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You Knew It Was Coming; Hurricane Matthew Amnesty

October 18, 2016

The government is calling it “immigration relief” that may help people affected by unforeseen circumstances, including natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew. .

To Die For

October 18, 2016

Each September for the next eight years, I’d start with a unit on why we were at war — why radical Muslims wanted to kill American Jews, Christians and atheists.

Podesta Leaks: The Obama-Clinton E-mails

October 18, 2016

With the president’s knowledge — and involvement — in Hillary’s private e-mail scheme, it’s clear there was never going to be a prosecution.

Planned Parenthood Celebrates Centennial: 6,803,782 Babies Aborted

October 18, 2016

That is the number of abortions Planned Parenthood has reported in its own documents.

College Masculinities Vilifies Military Men

October 17, 2016

A college professor and close friend teaches a course called “Masculinities,” which claims to explore the topic in depth.

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