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America’s only remaining choices – civil disobedience or collapse

June 27, 2015

The United States no longer has, as the Constitution designed, a government composed of executive, legislative and judicial branches, separate, but equal in power.

Barack Obama’s Swamp of Evil: Part I

June 27, 2015

Is Barack Obama a Louis Farrakhan-style of racist? Is he ignorant of the consequences of his Muslim settlement programs and Amnesty?

I am DISGUSTED by Obama’s new hostage policy

June 24, 2015

Sadly, President Obama just put every American at risk by allowing families to pay ransoms to Islamic terrorists.

Of Agitators and Cover-Ups

June 23, 2015

The headline to Reeves' post puts it more bluntly: "Obituary continues media cover-up."

Strategic Stability and Arms Control Follies

June 23, 2015

As Admiral Richard Mies, the former Commander of US Strategic Command has emphasized, the watchword of nuclear deterrence has been to prevent war from ever breaking out between the nuclear armed superpowers.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Toxic patriarchy on display as former Sec. of State caught using female staffers to fetch iced tea

July 01, 2015  11:35 AM

Do they make 77 cents compared to male iced-tea gofer?

'Very Clintonian answer': Do you believe David Axelrod's explanation on Hillary's private email use? WE DON'T!!!

July 01, 2015  10:04 AM

"Lying liars and the lying they lie about."

Read what Joe 'yellowcake' Wilson had to say to Hillary Clinton about his African energy deal [email screenshot]

July 01, 2015  08:47 AM

More information please.

Do we really want to give the nuclear codes to a POTUS who can't work a fax machine? [email screenshot]

July 01, 2015  06:47 AM

Ready for Hillary?

David Axelrod caught emailing Hillary Clinton at personal address he knew nothing about

July 01, 2015  00:03 AM

Document dump shows Axelrod emailing Clinton as early as 2009 at the private address he recently claimed to know nothing about.

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