Open-Borders Sociology Prof. Behind New DHS Rule Freeing Illegal Alien Families

June 29, 2015

This week DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson announced the outrageous new policy that will let illegal immigrant families go free in the U.S.

America’s only remaining choices – civil disobedience or collapse

June 27, 2015

The United States no longer has, as the Constitution designed, a government composed of executive, legislative and judicial branches, separate, but equal in power.

The Not-So-Long Goodbye to US Manufacturing Jobs

June 25, 2015

Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis indicates Ford is not alone among U.S. multinationals creating jobs — particularly manufacturing jobs — in Mexico.

A Contrast in Delusions: The TSA vs. Domestic Immigration Enforcement

June 23, 2015

“TSA chief ousted after airport security flunks test, misses most weapons, explosives..."

Full Court Press is on to Pressure Supreme Court into Saving Obamacare

June 23, 2015

President Obama is once again telling lies about Obamacare while bullying the Supreme Court to decide in his administration’s favor in King v. Burwell ...

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'Ha Ha Ha'! As negotiations on Iran's nuclear program get started for the day, Dana Perino has a simple request

June 30, 2015  07:14 AM


'Slam!' Fred Thompson reminds finger-wagging Obama who created a 'distorted impression' of Muslims

June 29, 2015  10:08 PM

Remember this Obama administration Benghazi scapegoat? Fred Thompson does.

Just like us! Bon Jovi entertains at $1,000-and-up fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

June 29, 2015  09:02 PM

Deletin' on a Prayer.

Confederate flag protests get 'very heated' outside South Carolina Statehouse [video]

June 29, 2015  07:57 PM

"Fights breaking out."

Lena Dunham, usual suspects cheer Supreme Court's blocking of new Texas abortion clinic law

June 29, 2015  05:58 PM

Blocking enforcement of the law temporarily pretty much guarantees another SCOTUS abortion fight this fall. Hooray.

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