The Devious Branding of a 'War of Narratives'

September 26, 2016

The American revolutionaries were not engaged in a pathetic, non-intellectual “war of narratives” with their enemies.

Some thoughts on U.S. taking in 110,000 more refugees

September 21, 2016

While the Obama White House assures us that they will all be carefully “vetted” I can’t help but recall other promises from our current President.

Sympathy for Refugees Wearing Thin in Maine

September 21, 2016

A man claiming to be a member of a local school board protested that schools incur enormous costs to provide ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers for refugee children.

Do Not Rely on Schools to Protect Your Children: Do It Yourself

September 19, 2016

Along with the three recent homeland terror attacks comes a terrorist warning: they plan to target children. Be prepared: read this!

Video: School Bus Safety

September 19, 2016

Parents need to ensure their children are safe...and that means on the school bus too.

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