Iran's Bluster Is Just Fear of Trump -- and Revolution

February 23, 2017

They’re chanting “Death to America” in Tehran again, on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution of 1979. And they are stomping on big posters of The Donald.

ISIS threatens social media networks: "Stop deleting our accounts"

February 22, 2017

It appears ISIS is feeling the pinch when it comes to its social media accounts systematically being deleted by social network administrators.

Supporters Unfazed By Big League Ego

February 22, 2017

Trump has a huge ego. But let’s think back and try to come up with a name of someone who has ever run for president during our lifetimes who didn’t.

What Revolution? As American Campuses Roil, Israeli College Students Crack Open the Books

February 21, 2017

While young Americans are being exposed to toxic levels of illiberal education, their Israeli peers are quietly slogging through their studies without the benefits of frat parties, safe zones or such illuminating courses as 'The Art of Walking' or 'The Joy of Garbage.'

Can Trump Reset the Middle East?

February 21, 2017

Despite dismal approval ratings at home, President Donald Trump’s popularity is growing in the United States’ greatest Middle Eastern ally.

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