The Useless Jewish Organization

July 30, 2015

American Jews are baffled to realize that the organizations they expected to help them are just as worthless.

How We Got Into Such a Bad Nuclear Deal with Iran

July 30, 2015

The chief negotiator of an agreement that abandons America’s seven decade-long policy of non-proliferation and violates Obama’s numerous promises to block a nuclear-armed Iran is John Kerry.

NEW FSM POLL: Should John Kerry have recused himself from Iran negotiations?

July 30, 2015

TAKE POLL The son of Mohammad Javad Zarif - John Kerry's Iranian counterpart in the nuclear negotiations - was best man at John Kerry's daughter's wedding two years ago, when she married an Iranian-American. With such intimate ties, should John Kerry have revealed this fact through full disclosure and recused himself from the negotiations?

You will NOT BELIEVE who was best man at John Kerry’s daughter’s wedding

July 29, 2015

Secretary Kerry and Zarif first met over a decade ago at a dinner party hosted by George Soros at his Manhattan penthouse.

The Friend of My Enemy is My Enemy — Unless It’s Iran

July 29, 2015

Obama has chosen either to manipulate or ignore concerns by three of his own federal agencies that have raised red flags about Iranian terrorist activities.

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