Georgetown University’s Errant Priest-Professor

September 30, 2016

Who writes of the “stubborn, feckless resistance of Hamas,” an anti-Israeli jihadist terrorist group? Astonishingly, it is Georgetown University ethics professor and Catholic priest

Obama to World: I Failed, But It's Their Fault

September 29, 2016

Obama: It's not my fault the world is such a mess!

BDS: Anti-Israel and Anti-American

September 29, 2016

Hate, destructiveness and envy do not make this world a better place. Work, creativity and personal responsibility do.

Dave Gaubatz Newsletter - September 2016

September 29, 2016

It is apparent the influence of ISIS and the other Islamic terrorist groups are making a major influence in the mosques.

DHS Secretary Doesn't Know How Many People Mistakenly Granted Citizenship Were From Iran, Syria, Libya

September 28, 2016

"How -- how would you not know that?" Senator Sasse asked. "Why would that not be something that's urgent to you to understand ..."

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