ISIS in Your Backyard

September 3, 2015

On the latest edition of my show, “The Watchman,” I examined the recent series of arrests of ISIS supporters in the United States and the growth of the terror movement on U.S. soil.

Diplomatic missions matter, especially in Iran

September 2, 2015

Iran is perhaps the only place left where Britain still outranks the United States as the most hated Western power…;

Countdown to a Very Bad Deal

September 1, 2015

The pending Deal with Iran is little to no help in preventing metastasizing of the Iranian nuclear threat.

Interview: The Camp of the Saints II

September 1, 2015

The new bogeyman, hex, curse, sneer and left/liberal branding iron is racism. It comes with many names. "Islamophobia." Bigotry. "White privilege."

Rabbis for Hamas, Obama and Iran

August 31, 2015

Like many of the Rabbis for Obama, Dorff was a left-wing radical who could be counted on to sign any letter attacking Israel.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Saudi King arrives with 4 planes to meet with climate-crusading president; Huge car fleet awaits [photos]

September 03, 2015  07:04 PM

#ActOnClimate will probably NOT be brought up by Obama.

'Sweet irony': Lecture about 'upholding the law' launches (another) search for Hillary's self-awareness

September 03, 2015  06:15 PM

Absolutely shameless, as usual.

Josh Earnest claims 'no public official is above the law'; Carly Fiorina says otherwise

September 03, 2015  05:37 PM

Earnest lying again by more than just a smidgen.

What's inside Hillary's box, and why is everyone talking about it? All beware the #ThxBox

September 03, 2015  05:18 PM

I'm not gonna open it … you open it.

Could this be a reason Hillary's former State Dept. IT aide isn't talking? [Vine]

September 03, 2015  04:58 PM

Scapegoat avoidance behavior?

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