Georgetown University’s Errant Priest-Professor

September 30, 2016

Who writes of the “stubborn, feckless resistance of Hamas,” an anti-Israeli jihadist terrorist group? Astonishingly, it is Georgetown University ethics professor and Catholic priest

Obama still refuses to connect terrorism’s dots

September 30, 2016

In Obama’s effort to ignore Islam’s link, it would be interesting to have him break down into sub-groups all those he considers to be violent extremists so as to give us a better idea exactly whom it is among them we have most to fear.

Obama to World: I Failed, But It's Their Fault

September 29, 2016

Obama: It's not my fault the world is such a mess!

Hamas-Linked CAIR Wants to Treat Islamophobia as a "Public Health Issue"

September 29, 2016

If a social environment impacts a group’s mental, emotional and physical well-being, Christians, Jews and other minorities living under Sharia law are hardest hit.

BDS: Anti-Israel and Anti-American

September 29, 2016

Hate, destructiveness and envy do not make this world a better place. Work, creativity and personal responsibility do.

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