Radical Jihad


Don't Fight Without It

March 24, 2015

Unconditional surrender is what the United States should demand whenever we go to war with anyone. Soldiers we send to fight and die deserve nothing less.

Radicalization of Europe's Muslims Hits a Crisis Point

March 23, 2015

European Muslim radicals have shown no hint that they are reconsidering their hero worship of IS (or ISIS.

ISIS is the Syndrome, Sharia the Real Malignancy

March 11, 2015

To radical Islamists, salafis and jihadists of all kinds, sharia is ‘God’s sacred law’ to be obeyed to the letter if a Muslim were to end up in heaven.

Collateral damage of Obama’s disastrous Iran deal

March 10, 2015

Translation: Washington would acknowledge Iran’s right to build a nuclear arsenal in 10 years (perhaps five) if it so wishes.

Pelosi’s Theatrics Disrespect Netanyahu and Israel

March 10, 2015

The Academy Award for best theatrical performance during a speech before a joint session of Congress goes to…Nancy Pelosi!

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