Is this #ClimateMarch sign the least self-aware thing EVER? (Hint: Yes. Yes it is) [photos]

September 21, 2014  12:30 PM

Mind-blowing beclowning.

This creepy puppet and interpretive dance from #ClimateMarch will make your sides ache [photos]

September 21, 2014  12:09 PM

These photos will make you gasp ... with giggles AND horror.

It takes under 140 characters to crush the slacktivist absurdity of #PeopleClimateMarch [photos]

September 21, 2014  11:39 AM

Idiots on parade.

Don't look now feminists, but a Dem senator just supported 'campus rape culture' [photo]

September 21, 2014  10:50 AM

What say you, alleged feminists?

So. What's up with Sen. Mary Landrieu and keg stands? (This happened) [photos]

September 21, 2014  10:00 AM

That awkward moment when a U.S. senator helps with keg stands.

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