10 year FSM Anniversary

Climate-Alarmist-in-Chief is flying to Miami to get briefing on 'below normal' hurricane season forecast for 2015

May 27, 2015  02:41 PM

Global warming is causing fewer hurricanes? So confusing...

'Why did FIFA give'? Monica Crowley shares 'rule of thumb' for Clinton Foundation donors

May 27, 2015  02:38 PM

The Clinton Foundation keeps popping up in the most peculiar places.

'Exceptionally dishonest': Did Hillary Clinton forget she said this about illegal immigration? [video]

May 27, 2015  01:30 PM

Not everything can be deleted.

Epic mock-alanche in progress as labor unions who pushed for $15 minimum wage in Los Angeles now want an exemption

May 27, 2015  12:49 PM

"Fun little bait and switch out in LA."

'HGTV show in her future': Is Elizabeth Warren a flipping 'liar' or a flipping 'hypocrite'?

May 27, 2015  12:28 PM

"Trying to clear the field for herself."

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