Obama’s America: Look What Our Troops Are Being FORCED To Do For Islam’s Holy Month

June 30, 2015

And now our men and women serving in the Middle East have received a reminder about respecting Ramadan.

National Defense Briefs - June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015

NATIONAL DEFENSE BRIEFS is a series aimed at informing readers with timely military and homeland-security news updates, trends, definitions, and short commentaries.

Better Defenses: Part Way Back to the Future?

June 29, 2015

America’s current missile defense strategy is “not sustainable,” according to Missile Defense Agency Deputy Director USAF Brig. Gen. Kenneth Todorov.

For Iran’s Nuclear Intentions, Look to Its Constitution

June 26, 2015

The defining issue remains Iranian intentions.

Strategic Stability and Arms Control Follies

June 23, 2015

As Admiral Richard Mies, the former Commander of US Strategic Command has emphasized, the watchword of nuclear deterrence has been to prevent war from ever breaking out between the nuclear armed superpowers.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Hillary Clinton might want to take a look at this crowd for Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin

July 01, 2015  09:51 PM

Running to the left of Bernie Sanders isn't going to be easy.

Counter-protesters arrive at flag-burning event with their own flags, massive water guns

July 01, 2015  09:05 PM

More than 300 protesters had said on Facebook they'd planned to attend, but the crowd looks a little light.

'Love is love. Is love.' Montana man says SCOTUS ruling inspired him to seek legal polygamy

July 01, 2015  08:14 PM

'It's about marriage equality.'

President wraps up Q&A session on Obamacare with executive opinion on peas in guacamole

July 01, 2015  08:05 PM

What about the Bulls re-signing Jimmy Butler? Will this affect my insurance premiums?

Really? How does pro-abort actress Elizabeth Banks plan to 'make life #BetterForBaby'?

July 01, 2015  06:55 PM

She'll #StandWithWendy and Planned Parenthood. With the unborn? Not so much.

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