It wasn't supposed to end this way…

October 21, 2016

I must admit, I’ve never seen such apathy from an American president when it comes to a combat operation.

Time to Redraw the Mideast Maps

October 20, 2016

Obama has had to send over 5,000 American soldiers back into Iraq in the face of a crisis even he could not ignore.

We're Losing the War and We're Paying for It

October 20, 2016

Iran is giving the orders, and Obama is carrying them out. And covering costs.

Houthi Attack on U.S. Adds to Yemen Conflict

October 20, 2016

On October 13th 4 am local time, the U.S. military launched missiles strikes in Houthi-occupied Yemen, striking 3 coastal radar sites.

Europe's Terror Challenges: The Returnee Threat

October 20, 2016

Intelligence and law enforcement continue to fumble in handling the threat, often through no real fault of their own.

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