Is Obama Anti-Semitic?

March 26, 2015

President Obama made no secret of his displeasure that Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected to be Israel’s Prime Minister

More Words To Beware Of, and why they matter

March 8, 2015

There are certain words and phrases that, as soon as I see them in print or on the computer screen, I stop and switch off.

The Ages of Purim

March 5, 2015

Wednesday night began the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Ten Thoughts re: Bibi Netanyahu’s Speech

March 5, 2015

And while Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi complains about being intellectually “insulted” by the speech as if she knows the enemy we are dealing with, she clearly does not.

In the war against ISIS, no time for moral equivalence

February 24, 2015

Christ didn’t countenance violence. Islam, or at least an interpretation of Islam, does.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'What bias?' Digitas Daily busts MSM hacks for peddling Indiana RFRA nonsense [video]

March 31, 2015  03:13 PM

And "they wonder why we don't trust them."

'How unexpected': Josh Earnest says today's Iran deadline is actually 'arbitrary'; Negotiations could go on

March 31, 2015  01:28 PM

Now he tells us?

'Utterly stupid': NASCAR weighs in on Indiana RFRA law with 'puzzling' statement

March 31, 2015  12:24 PM

"@NASCAR why are you getting involved in politics? Don't do it again, thanks."

Gov. Pence blasts 'reckless reporting' on RFRA law; Pledges to 'fix' it

March 31, 2015  12:00 PM

Details of the fix? TBD...

John Kerry haz a sad over missing Ted Kennedy dedication yesterday

March 31, 2015  11:25 AM

Oh, puke: Sad I couldn't attend @emkinstitute dedication. I miss Teddy every day. No better friend or public servant. — John Kerry (@JohnKerry) March 30, 2015 And Kerry can’t think of anybody better than Kennedy? Maybe someone who hasn’t done THIS? @JohnKerry @emkinstitute No better public servant? Leaving a woman to drown in a […]

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