Russia Declares ‘Holy War’ on Islamic State

October 9, 2015

For years, Russia's Orthodox leaders have been voicing their concern for persecuted Christians.

The state’s latest attack on Christianity, in darkness of night, has me FUMING

October 8, 2015

Then there are the times when the thief indeed comes at night to steal away that which defines our Judeo-Christian faith heritage.

Over 10,000 Attend Another MASSIVE Demo Against Migrant Invasion in Europe

October 7, 2015

Another massive rally against the Muslim invasion of Europe. The anti-islamization movement is growing every day.

Carry Your Own Water, Mr. President

October 6, 2015

Trump said he has no obligation to defend Obama, and he’s right.

Note to Pinnochio Post: Lying Is Permissable, Even "Obligatory" Under Islamic Law

October 6, 2015

As a reporter, you really ought to check the authoritative Islamic sources yourself, even if just for "balance."

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