Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs

September 12, 2016

The controversial group of experts is collectively known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team and it functions under the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

FBI 'Unable to Acquire' Any of Clinton's 13 Mobile Devices; Aide Says He Smashed 2 With Hammer

September 6, 2016

Here's how the FBI describes Clinton's need to use 13 mobile devices, most of them BlackBerrys, one after another:

Farewell to America’s Original Iron Lady

September 6, 2016

America has lost its original Iron Lady, a title Phyllis Schlafly deserved like Britain’s Margaret Thatcher for being, in equal parts, tough as nails and classily feminine.

HHS Saying 'Drop Dead to Taxpayers Paying That (Obamacare) Subsidy'

September 2, 2016

Pay no attention to those big premium hikes, the Obama administration told Obamacare subscribers this week.

The Trickle-Down Erosion of Honesty in Obama's White House

August 16, 2016

For those believing it unfair to pin transgressions of one wayward federal agency as an indictment of the president under whom it serves, let us turn to Obama’s executive branch staff—where he held the most direct influence.

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