America Had More Married Couples With Kids in 1963 Than in 2014

July 1, 2015

The Census Bureau numbers dramatically demonstrate America's abandonment of the traditional family.

Let’s Drop the Charade: The Supreme Court Is a Political Branch, Not a Judicial One

June 29, 2015

But we are a nation of will, the will of a determined political movement, so the law never had a chance.

How ObamaCare’s Lawlessness Empowers the IRS

June 27, 2015

Defending the IRS for playing fast and loose with the law and your money, the administration’s lawyers told the justices that the end justifies the means.

America’s only remaining choices – civil disobedience or collapse

June 27, 2015

The United States no longer has, as the Constitution designed, a government composed of executive, legislative and judicial branches, separate, but equal in power.

Barack Obama’s Swamp of Evil: Part I

June 27, 2015

Is Barack Obama a Louis Farrakhan-style of racist? Is he ignorant of the consequences of his Muslim settlement programs and Amnesty?

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Who's right: Donald Trump or Macy's?


mexico trump_macys_2015

Macy's has removed Donald Trump's products from their shelves because, while he stated that some of the Mexican people crossing our borders illegally are good people, some are murderers and rapists. While a true statement, it is not a "politically correct" statement, so Macy's has decided to pull his products from their shelves.

As a result of this, will you shop less - or not at all - in Macy's stores in the future?

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