On the Destructiveness of Political Correctness

July 30, 2016

For the first time in our history, Americans have to be fearful of what they say, of what they write, and of what they think. They have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic.

Administration: Single-Payer System Stops Religious Freedom Challenges to Abortifacient Mandate

July 29, 2016

"The plaintiffs believe that forcing them to provide insurance coverage to their daughters for contraceptives…is a governmental interference with their parental rights and fundamental right to their family's integrity."

Political elite: Self-interest disguised as principles, public service for personal profit

July 25, 2016

In this election cycle, Donald Trump has forced the permanent political establishment out of the closet, exposing it to the voters for what it really is...

Getting a Handle on Heroin

July 19, 2016

Hard drugs are no longer the province of small numbers of drug addicts in big city back-alleys, but increasingly afflict all classes in American society in urban and rural areas

Obama and the most successful national subversion in world history

July 11, 2016

Obama's "transformation" is a euphemism for the crippling and humbling of a great nation he considers racist, oppressive, venal and dysfunctional. He warned us.

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