Ferguson Memorial Sends Wrong Message

May 28, 2015

Brown’s disdain for social responsibility was made further apparent as one driver later reported.

An idea. A Philosophy.

May 27, 2015

“America is an idea,” the Irishman Bono continued. “That’s how we see you around the world: As one of the greatest ideas in human history."

Casting About for More Than Fish

May 27, 2015

Project Healing Waters is about helping and healing through fishing those who have selflessly gone in harm’s way for us.

The Debacle In Ambar Province

May 26, 2015

President Obama – in his what me, worry stance – indicated this setback will not change the tempo of U.S. operations.

Former UN Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By ‘Natural Variations’ In Climate

May 26, 2015

If Lloyd’s results hold, the IPCC may have to revise how much warming it attributes to mankind.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'Name names': At Hurricane Center, Obama cites 'best climate scientists in the world' for storm warning

May 28, 2015  01:42 PM

"Best scientists" is extremely subjective.

'The old Anthony Weiner excuse': Not everybody's buying Marilyn Mosby's claim of a Twitter hacking

May 28, 2015  12:33 PM

"Is ANYONE buying that"?

'#FriendsWithBenefits': The Clinton Foundation paid Bill & Hillary's 'old friend' how much?

May 28, 2015  11:12 AM

Clinton Foundation generously compensated Sidney Blumenthal to be an unofficial Hillary adviser at State? Nothing to see here!

'Extra double standards': This pitiful pro-Hillary spin means somebody owes Romney an apology

May 28, 2015  10:08 AM

Romney wealth bad. Hillary wealth good!

Curious: Anti-terror cops arrest Los Angeles man – Dawud Abdulwali, 56 – in connection with huge downtown fire

May 28, 2015  07:10 AM

Just asking questions.

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