Servergate Revelations Stick to Hillary

March 6, 2015

Her support seems a continent wide, a cracker deep, and just as prone to crumble.

Much to Fear in Possible Iran Deal

March 5, 2015

Netanyahu’s speech opens up debate on nuke talks.

The Ages of Purim

March 5, 2015

Wednesday night began the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Obama Amnesty to Cost $484 Mil, Expand Workforce by 3,100 in New Compound

March 5, 2015

The U.S. government will spend nearly half a billion dollars to carry out President Obama’s amnesty order.

Ten Thoughts re: Bibi Netanyahu’s Speech

March 5, 2015

And while Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi complains about being intellectually “insulted” by the speech as if she knows the enemy we are dealing with, she clearly does not.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Hack who mocked Scott Walker for FOIA response continues to push the but-Jeb-Bush defense of Hillary's email scandal

March 06, 2015  10:41 AM

"Pipe up, Taegan. Let's hear a name."

'Shark jumped': This Politico spin on Hillary's email scandal joins 'hack-tastic' ranks

March 06, 2015  08:59 AM

"These horrible shills are beyond parody."

Democrats invoke Selma anniversary in call to 'expand' the right to vote

March 05, 2015  10:37 PM

They're going to need a bigger tent.

Legendary distance runner Craig Virgin declares his love for 'truly bipartisan' Obamacare

March 05, 2015  09:51 PM

Wisconsin Assembly debates Right to Work legislation, clears gallery of shouting protesters [Vine]

March 05, 2015  08:55 PM

Demonstrators continued chanting outside the Assembly doors, staged sit-in.

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