Selling the apocalypse

May 11, 2016

Though fear and greed have been used to sell the Apocalypse - we, as American citizens, have an obligation to sift through disinformation and educate ourselves, so that we can recognize genuine vulnerabilities that can truly impact our way of life and disrupt our national security.

President Obama’s Deceitful Legacy Tour

May 10, 2016

As President Obama’s second term nears its end he has begun a media tour emphasizing what he claims are the positive aspects of his policies.

Islam by a Thousand Cuts

May 5, 2016

Islam is inflicting a thousand cuts on America.

Death Cults in the Culture

April 20, 2016

In a philosophical and moral vacuum, it’s the fools of the world who rush in: those obsessed with death as a means of escaping, or snuffing out, life.

Only 3 U.S. Airports Require Employee Security Checks

April 11, 2016

Less than a month after a news outfit reported that dozens of airport employees around the country have potential ties to terrorists, officials from DHS admit that only three airports in the USA require workers to undergo security checks.

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