Late-Night Trump Hatred vs. Primetime News

May 26, 2017

The anti-Trump venom from the mainstream media has become so virulent that broadcasters and reporters alike risk becoming little more than extensions of the late-night “comedic” lineup, bashing the President without regard for truth or factual accuracy.

Meet WAPO – FAKENEWS Ground Zero

May 23, 2017

Second only to George Soros, Bezos, who owns WAPO The Washington Post, which is ground zero for almost every negative “fake news” attack column against President Trump since 2013 – is the single largest financier of left-wing causes and the anti-Trump propaganda hitting our headlines every single day.

Shapiro Dismantles Kimmel's Emotional Speech Championing Obamacare

May 4, 2017

Ben Shapiro, who also had to go through the heartbreak of watching his small child undergo open-heart surgery, took issue with Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on Monday in which Kimmel cited his son’s open-heart surgery as a means of championing Obamacare.

Spending Bill Funds Corporation for Public Broadcasting Through FY2019--Past 2018 Election

May 3, 2017

Corporation for Public Broadcasting President Patricia Harrison told a congressional hearing in March that CPB needs to keep what she calls its “forward funding” to “provide a firewall of independence for our content providers that no matter who was in leadership, no matter what political party.”

The Left-Wing Takeover of Fox News

April 28, 2017

“Between 2007-2011, Ms. Murdoch served as Director of Strategy & Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) where she also managed CCI ‘s partnership with Microsoft in the development of a global greenhouse gas emissions tracking software.”

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