We Can Deport 11 Million Illegal Aliens

March 4, 2015

Of course, it’s possible. The notion that this country can’t find these people is simply ridiculous. Here’s why.

No “Major Scandal” in Obama Administration?

February 22, 2015

“And I’m proud of the fact that, basically, you’ve had an administration that’s been in place for six years in which there hasn’t been a major scandal,” he pronounced at a University of Chicago event.

Energy Security: America Must Act

February 15, 2015

Unfortunately, dependence on foreign nations for our energy needs has long dictated our national security priorities and left the U.S. vulnerable to the decisions of those who do not share our values and goals.

Nuclear Deterrent Imperatives

February 12, 2015

Cutting the very backbone of our nuclear security is not the way forward to a safer world or safer America.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

February 7, 2015

As we approach the dreaded tax filing deadline of April 15th, many Americans are ill-prepared for the news they are going to receive from their tax preparers or tax preparation software.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

After reports of pending corruption charge, Sen. Menendez a no-show at immigration forum; Where is he? [photo]

March 06, 2015  03:55 PM

Conspicuous absence.

'No doubt!' FBN's Charles Payne has the perfect reason not to watch 'House of Cards'

March 06, 2015  03:31 PM

The man makes a great point.

Um, Hillary? Shouldn't you change your epically ironic Twitter avatar? (It's TOO good; You're about to see why)

March 06, 2015  03:21 PM

See why Hillary Clinton really needs to do something about her Twitter avatar. Bonus: You can giggle madly in the meantime

'I don't think she's real': Marie Harf's STILL beclowning herself over Hillary emails

March 06, 2015  02:58 PM

She really is a perfect fit for Obama's State Department.

'Amazing timing': DOJ reportedly set to charge Sen. Bob Menendez with corruption

March 06, 2015  02:36 PM

There are a host of reasons few are surprised by the news.

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