Are members of the Groucho Marx Family running for office?

September 29, 2016

Maybe Vaudeville is a better analogy. A world dominated by slapstick, irreverent comedy, goofy characters. Consider the four people running for the highest office in the land, and one might argue, in the world – Groucho, Minnie, Harpo and Zeppo - aka Hillary, Jill, Donald, and Gary.

Obama to World: I Failed, But It's Their Fault

September 29, 2016

Obama: It's not my fault the world is such a mess!

National Security Professionals and Cyber Experts Call for Pentagon Intervention on Surrender of the Internet

September 29, 2016

Obama intends to transfer all responsibilities for naming and numbering domain addresses on the Internet to a non-profit org ... Should that happen, the U.S. will no longer have any control over the addresses that serve to make all websites accessible and allow users to connect to the Internet.

Charlotte proves, again, the case of mistaken victimology

September 28, 2016

Black Lives Matter advocates and its supporters need to take a reality walk.

Candidates Need to Think More Seriously About China

September 28, 2016

The first presidential debate devoted scant time to national security. The topic area came last on the agenda, after a great deal of time had been wasted on trivial matters and mud-slinging.

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