DOJ Accuses U.S. Biz of Discrimination for Requiring Proof of Work Eligibility

September 4, 2015

The Obama administration has accused an American company of discrimination for requiring employees to furnish proof that they are eligible to work legally in the United States.

Climate issues we do need to address

September 3, 2015

We need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people

5 Yrs. after Earthquake U.S. Extends “Temporary” Amnesty for Haitian Illegal Aliens

August 31, 2015

The Obama administration continues to allow the same group of foreigners, who would otherwise be deported, remain in the U.S. under the never-ending “temporary” measure.

The Troubling Decline of Financial Independence in America

August 30, 2015

If you can't work for yourself and afford health insurance, something is seriously messed up.

Paying the Media for Pro-U.N. Coverage

August 30, 2015

Hence, the coverage will be slanted in favor of the United Nations.

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Mine owner slams EPA

August 15, 2015

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'Condescension is strong': Hillary Clinton sorry if YOU were 'confused' by her email shenanigans

September 04, 2015  03:29 PM

"The Hillary two-step."

James Woods perfectly sums up what Obama's trip to Alaska was all about

September 04, 2015  02:10 PM

Nailed it!

'Oops': Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer's attempt to mock Mitt Romney backfires

September 04, 2015  01:04 PM

Does Pfeiffer really want to go here?

'Self-delusion': John Kerry's prediction for Iran deal support is beyond ridiculous

September 04, 2015  10:40 AM

Trying a little too hard.

Protesters dressed as Klan members clash with Trump campaign security outside presser

September 03, 2015  09:27 PM

While Donald Trump was inside saying, "I love the people of Mexico," aides were chasing at least one Mexican protester down the sidewalk outside.

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