Supporters Unfazed By Big League Ego

February 22, 2017

Trump has a huge ego. But let’s think back and try to come up with a name of someone who has ever run for president during our lifetimes who didn’t.

A White House Initiative to Defeat Radical Islam

February 21, 2017

How a new White House initiative can get the job done

What Revolution? As American Campuses Roil, Israeli College Students Crack Open the Books

February 21, 2017

While young Americans are being exposed to toxic levels of illiberal education, their Israeli peers are quietly slogging through their studies without the benefits of frat parties, safe zones or such illuminating courses as 'The Art of Walking' or 'The Joy of Garbage.'

This Insane Headline From NBC News Is Why Conservatives Hate The Media

February 21, 2017

In what has to rank as the dumbest headline of this year, NBC Politics ran with this shockingly bold story:

How CNN Recycled Last Year's Fake News

February 21, 2017

If you have any doubts about the basic dishonesty of CNN, consider how the channel not only broadcasts fake news but recycles it.

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