E-mail Scandals


Time to Make America Great Again

June 23, 2017

Once again, the Washington Post story that Trump was being investigated comes from anonymous sources. Is he really being investigated for obstruction?

1, 2, 3, 4 . . . What Are We Probing For?

June 22, 2017

Russian-collusion probe sputters into a search for . . . what again?

Mr. Trump is in Washington

June 21, 2017

Once Trump hires professionals not loyal to Obama to fill mid-level and senior positions, the deluge of classified material daily making its way to the media will dry up.

Obama Advisor Susan Rice's Unmasking Material is at Obama Library

June 20, 2017

Records Sought by Judicial Watch May Remain Closed to the Public for Five Years

The Justice Department Is Killing Trump

June 20, 2017

Four key decisions put Sessions on the sidelines and intensify a scandal.

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