INSANE: Legislator Says $15 MILLION In Taxpayer Funds Used To Settle Sexual Harassment Claims In Congress

November 16, 2017

She also told Todd that taxpayers absolutely have a right to know if their money is being used to cover for alleged sexual harassers.

Texas Church Shooting: Helping Children Cope

November 6, 2017

Whenever a national tragedy occurs, such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters, children, like many people, may be confused or frightened.

26 Dead in Texas Church Shooting, Killer Stopped by Armed Citizen

November 6, 2017

"It's just a little church in a very small community, I don't know why it would be targeted..."

NY Deputy Police Commissioner: "This isn't about Islam, this isn't about the mosque he attends"

November 2, 2017

Sayfullo Saipov screamed “Allahu akbar” as he murdered people. Why did he do that?

NYC Foreign Terror Suspect Entered U.S. With 'Diversity Visa' Trump Wants To End

November 1, 2017

Each year, the Diversity Visa Lottery, as it is officially known, provides up to 50,000 randomly selected foreigners with permanent residency in the United States.

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